Hollinger's Power Rankings

I don't pay too much attention to or place too much stock in Hollinger's Power Rankings, but I do find it funny how many people call him biased based on his automated rankings system.  Hollinger addressed this (again) today in his PER diem because of all of the Lakers fans whining to him about the Lakers being # 3.  Hollinger always makes a point to explain that scoring margin is a much better indicator of future success than win-loss records are (yet he uses opponents win-loss record to determine a team's strength of schedule).

One thing that he keeps coming back to in order to validate his rankings is the fact that his rankings had the Spurs ranked # 1 in 2007.  Today he wrote, "two years ago San Antonio finished No. 1 despite being a whopping nine games behind Dallas in the standings. I got a lot of letters then, too, but it worked out OK in the end when the Spurs hoisted the championship trophy."  He has written this numerous times, but he always fails to mention that the Spurs did not actually beat the Mavs in the playoffs and that his power rankings had the Mavs destroying the Warriors team that knocked them out in the first round.  I'm not saying that the Spurs weren't the best team that year, just that it doesn't do much to validate his rankings, yet he uses it as the prime evidence that his system works.  I guess he figures the people who are dumb enough to call an automated system biased are also dumb enough not to think his evidence through.

I've seen stuff written on PTR about Hollinger's PER rankings, but I wondered what others thought about his power rankings / playoff odds.

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