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Game Thread #50: @ Nets

It's no much nicer when you google for "victory" instead of "huge shit"...

I don't know about you, but I feel like they've taken a huge weight off my chest. A nagging weight that made me want to murder bloggers and so-called sports analysts. With Sunday's win the Spurs seem to have reached a new milestone or crest: suddenly the power rankings recognize us as a top-4 team, Hollinger's number-crunching black box finally says we're contenders, and apparently the Lakers fans respect us more than the rest of the league (but only here). We're now firmly in everyone's radar, and I think it was about time.

Since the league and the fans lack any functional reflexes (they still Manu's the Worst Flopper Ever, for one), the result of tonight's match shouldn't change our new-found status. Today we play against the mediocre Nets and tomorrow we face the lowly Raptors, both eminently winnable games that the Spurs will try hard to lose, because the spotlight makes our eyes hurt. It certainly won't be easy, because our West Conference opponents are rapidly imploding and everybody and their dog is getting injured. I for one want the Spurs to win every game from now to the end of the regular season, if only to laugh at Matthew's complaints about the Denver debacle - hopefully our guys are similarly motivated.

What really seems to be in everybody's mind is the Trade. That Trade, the one that will save our season and get us ring number 5. Everybody has ideas, but consensus appears to escape us. Tim Varner over at 48 Minutes of Hell is going bananas over this, writing about trade scenario after trade scenario, and here at PTR we also caught the bug. I decided to add a poll and use PTR's mighty lobbying powers to force the FO to obey our collective will. Vote wisely.

Preview after the jump:

Game Time: 6:30 Spurs Time, 10:30 am Argentina
2:30 am Egypt, 1:30 am CET
9:30 pm Perth, Japan, Philippines
10:30 pm Guam

Officials: TBA

Tony Parker
Soulful Eyes
Manu Ginóbili
Sticky Fingers
Tim Duncan
Old Soul
Matt Bonner
Green blooded
Michael Finley
Creaky Joints

Devin Harris
Vince Carter
Brook Lopez
Ryan Anderson
Trenton Hassell
images via
18-7 Home 11-15
16-8 Road 13-13
97.8 Offense 98.3
94.6 Defense 99.9
46.5 FG% 44.3
39.1 3-pt% 38.1
76.6 FT% 77.5
40.3 Rebounds 40.9
12.3 TO's 13.6
8-2 Last 10 5-5
W 1 Streak L 1


  • Point Guard - This is the one matchup that might have a real impact in the Nets' chances for an upset. Harris is a great player and he has sort of flourished being The Other Man in New Jersey. His big mouth notwithstanding, he probably can score easily on Parker if Frenchie doesn't step it up and gets some timely help. Maybe Hill's length could bother him, like it seemed to do for Rondo. Tony is in a bit of a slump lately, but he's probably going to torch the Nets.
  • Off Guard - Carter says he will be able to shake off his injury for tonight, but since the All-Star break is so close I don't know whether they'll risk him. He's been having a good season, but trading for him probably isn't the best idea regardless. Meanwhile, Manu is back to his Manu self, and Matthew updated the blog's subtitle... All's right with the world.
  • Center - Timmy, no screwing around here. I want to see you cook some López kebab tonight.
  • Power Forward - The other day, watching him slay leprechauns left and right I suddenly wished I had a time machine. Then I could go back to November, log in to PTR and write a post called "Matt Bonner is going to have a huge season, and he's going to single-handedly beat down the Celtics on the road. CALLED IT". How sad is that that's the best I could come up with? In the Net's side of the equation, Ryan Anderson plays basketball for a living.
  • Small Forward - The last time we played against the Nets, Simmons was their SF. Now he's injured, and none other than Trenton Hassell was called back from DNP-CD Hell. I'll never forgive him the fact that he made me choose Finley for once this season.
  • Bench - Ah, Mason, you crazy mofo. I was ready to burn you in effigy in my backyard and you had to go ahead and make me look like a fool. You really are exhibit 1 in the case for the Spurs FO being the best in the league. Hill feeds on hard fouls.
  • Coach - I wuv you, Pop.
  • Intangibles - The Nets have won 4 of the last 5 and they're finally recovering from a horrible midseason suckfest. However, Carter is listed as day-to-day and might not play, and Simmons is out. Their loss came against the Magic, and it was a baaad loss. The Spurs, on the other hand, are a veteran team and I trust them not to let momentary success get to their heads.
  • Mojo - With Hipuks taking his fish responsibilities so seriously, this isn't even a contest.
  • Winners - We win.

Keys To The Game

  • Stop Harris - Okay, crazy game plan idea: let's trade for West before the game, put him in as a starter and have him work his magic on Harris. That should work. If you're unwilling to do what it takes to be a Real Team, then just send double teams at him and force him to pass the ball or something... wusses.
  • 3rd quarter shivers - I think the Spurs have to stop spending their halftime in freakin' Antarctica. The shooting woes to begin the second half were fighteningly reminiscent of last season's playoff run's. Please, let's put this behind us once more.
  • Hill - Oh, IUPUI is in... he's not doing much of anyt-holy shit! Hilldog!

Some other reading

Nets fans hate the Internet. They prefer to communicate via smoke signals and letters handwritten on papyri. Through some serious flexing of my googling muscles I was able to find two worthwhile sites:

NetsDaily (Active and very professional.)
Joe Netsfan (Has cute caricatures, good analysis and a straightforward name.)

Other things of possible interest

  • Travel to boo - Now this is the kind of fans I love. That's how we live sports in Argentina.
  • TrueHoop Network ASW roundtable - This post is chock full of interesting suggestions regarding possible changes in future ASWs. Of course, the changes of any of them being heeded are virtually null. I think I've mentioned this before, but I particularly like the idea of replacing Rooks Vs. Sophs for Rooks Vs. D-League All-Stars. It would be a great way for those of us who don't follow the D-League to watch the best it has to offer.
  • Freestylin' - One of the suggestions was to have some freestyling basketball during the ASW. If you remember Nike's commercial you'll know what I'm talking about. That led to this other video, which I found funny enough to share. Then again, I'm childish and easily amused.
  • Robinson was good at scoring - From Dime mag's vault, a walk down Nostalgia lane. If that's not enough, Basketbawful led me last week to this Spurs' history gem.
  • Bale down - I'm trying to get as much hilarity as I can out of the latest meme before we all get tired of it. First, meet Kermit Bale. (And yes, that guy has too much free time.) Then, look what happens when two memes collide: David meets Christian. (If this was a publicity stunt for T4... it was brilliant.)
  • 3D Portal Could Destroy My Brain - I want this monitor. I want it I want it I want it. Someone please get me a salary in euros.

Game feeds

Check this game thead at gametime for specific links to good quality feeds. If you arrive late in the game, the game feed links are usually among the first 50 posts of the thread.
OneNation (This is an archive of NBA games, but it hasn't been updated lately.)
BitTorrent Davka (A torrent site where you will find most of the latest games in the league. Bookmark.)

Recap: We still don't have a February game recap thread yet, so again I'm not sure if someone going to do it. In fact, Stampler's the only one recapping lately, which is just sad (not that we don't love him much more than they do at other Spurs fansites - because we do). I'll try to post the thread later, but in the meantime volunteers are more than welcome.

Now kick back and wait for tip-off. If you want music, you have two equally alluring choices: ATS's Radio Paradise, or... Tony.

Choose wisely


What kind of trade is better for the Spurs this season?

This poll is closed

  • 45%
    Just a functional big to grab rebounds and defend the Gasols of this world
    (86 votes)
  • 9%
    Let's go all-out and shop for a fourth All-Star
    (17 votes)
  • 16%
    We should stay pat and work on growing our playoff beards
    (31 votes)
  • 28%
    West is a punk
    (54 votes)
188 votes total Vote Now