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Game Thread #47: at Warriors

Yee Haw!!!

Put on your flannel shirt and your chaps. It's the rodeo road trip.

Game Time: 9:30 Spurs Time, 1:30 am Argentina
5:30 am Egypt, 4:30 am CET
12:30 pm Perth, Japan, Philippines
1:30 pm Guam

TV: Fox SW
Officials: Bavetta

Tim Duncan
Michael Finley


Mr Vespa




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18-7 Home 10-11
14-7 Road 5-22
97.4 Offense 106.4
94.1 Defense 111.2
46.5 FG% 45.0
39.5 3-pt% 36.2
76.6 FT% 77.2
40.1 Rebounds 42.4
12.0 TO's 14.9
8-2 Last 10 5-5
W 3 Streak L 1


  • Point Guard - Monta Ellis has played 5 games after returning from a torn up ankle. Good luck staying with Tony.
  • Off Guard - A chucker vs a baller. I'll take the baller, even if he gets outscored by a little.
  • Center - Biedrins is an effective, if overpaid, big man. Tim will have to be physical with him on offense if he wants to dominate. If Tim isn't physical, Biedrins can neutralize him.
  • Power Forward - Bonner vs Turiaf: MMA match of the night.
  • Small Forward - Our man Jack is having a poor year. 39% from the field, 32% from 3, and almost 4 turnovers per game. FinDog was on fire last game. I'll take half of that heat tonight.
  • Bench - After Maggette, the Warriors don't really have anybody of note coming off the bench. Morrow has been decent for a rookie, I guess. CJ Watson and Rob Kurz don't impress me.
  • Coach - I don't think Nelson could even hold Pop's bandage at this point.
  • Intangibles - The Warriors had a back-to-back on Fri and Sat and should be pretty tired. Hopefully, we can catch them a little sluggish out of the gate. I also expect us to start the road trip with a little purpose.
  • Mojo - The Warriors franchise mojo left after '07. Right now they are mojoless.
  • Winner - I say we pull away late in the third and keep it in the 15-20 range.

Keys To The Game

  • Our turnovers - We can't get them out and running. Limiting our turnovers, especially open floor turnovers -- not offensive fouls and passes out of bound -- will be big.
  • Their 3-pt shooting - They have couple of streaky outside shooters in Crawford and Jackson. We need to contain them.
  • Tim Be Big - He can't let Biedrins play him straight up.

Some other reading

Other Things of Possible Interest

Rodeo Road Trip: This is the first game of the Rodeo Road Trip, but this one is different. This is really like three road trips. The Spurs play a back-to-back, have 4 days off. Play 3 in 4 nights, have 5 days off. Play 3 more games with a day between each. During most normal segments of the schedule this would look like: 2 road games, 1 home game, 3 road games, 2 home games, 3 road games. We just don't have the home games. We only play two good teams who are playing well: Boston and Denver. We have 1 good team playing poorly: Detroit. We have 1 bad team playing well: New York. And 4 teams who are flat out bottom feeders: Golden State, New Jersey, Toronto, and Washington. I predict 6-2.

My mom: She busted out a "Bless Her Heart" today.

Ian Mahinmi: Ian had his surgery.

Steve Nash: I found this quote very intersting.

Of course it would have been a great honor to make it, but I probably didn’t deserve it. "We had a first month of the season where we weren’t really ourselves, and the team’s in seventh place. You know, I spent a month of the season just walking up the court and throwing the ball in the post so, it’s hard to be an All-Star like that. And we didn’t win enough games that month, so, I probably didn’t deserve it."
All I can say is "Wow." I mean really, Steve Nash thinks that little of a REAL half court offense. No wonder the Suns are struggling when their "leader" and 2-time MVP is that disdainful of playing to win. Boo hoo Steve. I used to like you, but I think you might be the problem in the desert.

Kobe's reaction to Bynum's Injury: Watch the video here. With about 40 seconds left they show a replay and a close up of Kobe's reaction. In order, he does the following: gets his bearings, looks up court, looks at Bynum, and sticks his head in his hands. Bynum, according to reports, was in quite a bit of pain and yelling. What you absolutely DO NOT see is Kobe in anyway concerned with consoling or attending to Bynum. My guess is that he realized Bynum was probably really hurt and his first thought was of his chance at a championship. I'm not sure the man has an ounce of compassion in him.

My Season Analysis Updated: Early on I broke down the season month-by-month. At this point, I had the Spurs at 28-18 on their way to a 53 win season. Right now, they are 4 games ahead of that pace thanks to a 12-3 January that I had called at 9-6.

Dogs: SiMA here is my two cents on your dog choice. You will be hard pressed to get a better dog than a Australian heeler/cattle dog. I have had three. They fit many, if not all, your requirements.


  • Great companions: They pretty much pair bond to owners. They will follow you anywhere and everywhere. You won't have to worry about having a relationship with somebody and them stealing your dog. They don't love everybody. They love you. My female is MINE. Not my wife's. Her dog that she had when we started dating was always HERS.
  • Character: They are great judges of character. If you bring home a lady friend and your dog doesn't like them. You know all you need to know to make a decision. If you can continue seeing them, you get what you deserve.
  • Sturdy: Like a mofo. All mine were 45-50 pounds when fit. Thick shouldered and tough. Run through stuff tough. They also have great stamina and are perfect for camping and hiking.
  • Total chick magnets: They have beautiful markings. Everybody thinks they look great and their personality is attractive.
  • Smart: They are alert, smart, and crafty. To a fault.
  • Strong personality: Two of mine talk. They flat out talk. Willful to a fault.
  • Weather durable: They handle both cold and heat very well.
  • Protection: The aren't by any stretch attack dogs. But nobody is getting in your house without you knowing it. They don't take to strangers that quickly.


  • Seriously willful: You must not let them run over you. I doubt that would be a problem for you. It is much more of a problem for people who have dogs that are ignored.
  • Kids: They are herding dogs. They like their kids to just sit there and behave. Not really a strong suit for kids. They are very protective of babies, to a fault.
  • Nipping: They are herding dogs. They nip, pinch, bite. Whatever you want to call it. Especially parents picking up kids. I can't tell you how many mothers my dogs have gotten, including two of my sisters, for "attacking" their kids.
  • Old people: As herders, they like to poke you on the back of your legs. Walk under you. Bang on your sides. Older people don't like them. My mom broke her toe walking in to my Princess.
  • Over bred: You do not want an over bred heeler. It totally screws them up, makes them hyper, with strange behavioral issues. The more mutt in them the better as far as I'm concerned.
  • Aggression: Males tend to be aggressive in a macho way toward other dogs. They are proud of their looks and like to flaunt.

For the type of guy you seem to be, I can't think of a dog that would be better suited to you.


Oscar: He's old here at about 10 and is almost 12 now. In his prime, he a physical specimen. Rock solid. Crazy tough. We called him toughy termite for the amount of abuse he would shake off and keep playing. He also has a bushy white tail like a fox.


Yote: The Princess does, in fact, do yoga. I've never had any dog as willful as she is. She loves going everywhere I go. Super sweet. Very friendly with other dogs.