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Taking the Mojo to San Antonio

That's pretty much all you need to know about our night!


Yeah, we had great seats. Last row at the top of the building. Seriously, these were great seats. You guys can spring for these any time.


Manu's future being told


Matt Bonner being introduced.
I swear, he almost ignited. Too bad he didn't start.

Chris Paul ballhogging again.

This is the guy that Powell and I high-fived right after this...


"Man, I'm getting hungry"

via (AP Photo/Gloria Ferniz)


Powell and me at the game


There is only one way to celebrate a win.


Yes, we really ate at the Cracker Barrel

And so did Manu

Random Thoughts

  • I don't see many live games. This was my first in two years. It is very disorienting froma game flow perspective. They don't have the score and the game clock (or shot clock) printed over the court so I lose track of all game situations. Down 6, up 8. I don't know.
  • We really did like our seats and they really were the TOP row.
  • In the full court picture, I love that you can see Pop's bandage on the big screen.
  • The Cracker Barrel is delicious. Powell and I tried very hard to appear to be assholes. I'm not sure we succeeded. [Updated]: This is supposed to "to not be assholes".
  • San Antonio is not a town I want to live in again, but every time I go, I'm reminded of how nice the people are.
  • We saw two incidents of road rage on the drive home. A van tried to run a car off the road. More than once. And a fight in the median on I-35 in downtown Austin.

Game Thoughts

  • Tyson Chandler must be really good, Hilton Armstrong must really suck, or the Hornets aren't nearly as good as last year.
  • Easily the most impressive person to watch on the court last night was Tony Parker. Live, you get a completely different perspective on how fast he really is and how quickly he gets through the paint.
  • Chris Paul was unconscious in the second half. That game wasn't really close.
  • Stampler is right, George Hill makes his layups more difficult than he has to.
  • Even from our seats, Cubits had some noticeable cubits.
  • FinDog got his stroke back that game
  • What's up with the Mason first shot heat check?
  • From an elevation of approximately 3000', Chris Paul still looks like he's flopping.
  • [UPDATED]: Powell totally called Manu's dunk. When Manu caught it and took one step, Powell yelled, "Dunk that shit". Which Manu preceded to do.