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This Week in San Antonio Spurs Basketball: Really, Really Late Spurs Update

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Yeah, I know. This is really late. We can't make deadlines around here. Anyway, the Spurs had a pretty ugly week, but we can't just pull a blanket over our heads and pretend it didn't happen. Spurs stuff, after the jump.


Here we'll provide information, links and summaries for all the games the Spurs played during the week, so that no one has to miss Pop sneering at a reporter.


This week:

Date Game Result
Thu 3 Spurs 83 vs. Celtics 90 L
Sat 5 Spurs 99 vs. Nuggets 106 L
Mon 7 Spurs 101 @ Jazz 104 L

That's too many L's.

Standings: 9-9

Upcoming games:

Date Opponent Time Local TV National TV Radio
Wed 09 vs Sacramento 7:30pm FSNSW WOAI-AM 1200
Fri 11 vs Charlotte 7:30pm FSNSW WOAI-AM 1200
Sun 13 @ LA Clippers 8:30pm FSNSW WOAI-AM 1200

Game #16: San Antonio Spurs 83 vs. Boston Celtics 90



Official recap


Tim Duncan - Postgame
Coach Pop - Postgame
Tony Parker - Postgame
Dejuan Blair - Postgame


Pounding the Rock: Game Preview #16: Boston Celtics @ San Antonio Spurs
Two teams on the rise meet for the first time this season. What do the Spurs have to do to beat the Celtics?

Pounding the Rock: Boston @ San Antonio GameThread, Dec 3, 2009 6:00 PM MST
Yeah, it was hackish.

Pounding the Rock: Celtics @ Spurs: The Game Thread, Part Deux
We'd better cut it out with this "hope" stuff.

Pounding the Rock: PTR Quick Cap: The Sky Is High And I Can't Touch It - Pounding The Rock
We lost, but we're prettier.

Rec_mediumPounding the Rock: Celtics Beat Sloppy Spurs 90-83
WVATS gives us a full recap of the night's events, with photos from janieannie.

Pounding the Rock: Spurs vs Celtics: Stats of the Game - Pounding The Rock
BlaseE stops by with some analysis of the game.

Monroe: Spurs lack precision in loss to Celtics
"The frustration the Spurs experienced in a 90-83 loss to the Celtics on Thursday was encapsulated in their perfect execution of an in-bounds play that appeared, for just a moment, to have given them a chance to pull out a victory..."

Boston 90, San Antonio 83 | 48 Minutes of Hell
The official 48MoH take on the first loss of the week.

Game #17: San Antonio Spurs 99 vs. Denver Nuggets 106



Official recap


Tony Parker - Postgame
Coach Pop - Postgame
Manu Ginobili - Postgame
Tim Duncan - Postgame


Game Preview # 17: Attack of the Moonmen (Nuggets @ Spurs) - Pounding The Rock
Nuggets @ Spurs - whose defensive specialist is better? Oh, wait... make that, here's a game preview.

Denver @ San Antonio GameThread, Dec 5, 2009 6:30 PM MST - Pounding The Rock
I needed RJ to make me look good. That bastard.

Nuggets @ Spurs: 2nd Half Game Thread - Pounding The Rock
Being ahead at the half doesn't mean squat.

PtR Quick Cap: Spurs Lose 2nd Straight at Home to Melo and the Nuggets, 99-106 - Pounding The Rock
Davis did a really nice job of breaking this one down.

Boom goes the Ugly...Turnovers doom Spurs in 106-99 loss to Nuggets - Pounding The Rock
WVATS has to use visual aids from janieannie as a crutch to do his recaps. I kid, I kid - he uses his media credentials as a crutch, not the photos.

Monroe: Spurs can't overcome 19 turnovers in loss
"An hour before his Spurs took the court Saturday night against the Denver Nuggets at the AT&T Center, Gregg Popovich ticked off the priorities his team needed to avoid a second straight loss to one of the NBA's best teams."

Game #18: San Antonio Spurs 101 vs. Utah Jazz 104


Boxscore (highlights are on that page as well)

Official Recap didn't upload any videos after this one. I doubt the players wanted to talk to the site after that debacle, anyway. So, here's some practice videos from today in place of that.

Richard Jefferson - Practice

Matt Bonner - Practice


Pounding the Rock: Game Preview #18: San Antonio Spurs @ Utah Jazz
There was a game? I'm too busy re-watching that Gervin vs. Maravich game of HORSE.

Pounding the Rock: San Antonio @ Utah GameThread, Dec 7, 2009 7:00 PM MST
CapHill wanted the Spurs to bring the fire. She just didn't know they would be consumed in that fire.

Pounding the Rock: Second Half game thread
Yeah, I killed the mojo. Blame it all on me.

Pounding the Rock: Spurs Fail Again In Loss To Jazz
"The Spurs failed me last night, plain and simple. I don't care if it was close. I don't care if they had a chance to win in this 104-101 loss. They didn't win -- thus, they failed me." Well said, Wayne... well said.

Rec_mediumPounding the Rock: Spurs @ Jazz: The Red Rant
Fred still hates Bonner, but only when he tries to make plays in the clutch.

Monroe: Spurs hit another flat note
"After dragging the Spurs out of a deep, fourth-quarter hole to within one shot of victory, Matt Bonner had the Spurs poised for a dream ending to their Monday night game against the Utah Jazz." Fred? Comments?



This is the section for all the original Pounding the Rock content, including the FanPosts that have been recommended by the community.


Pounding The Rock: Spurs International Roundup [December 1]
Wayne found Marcus Williams.

Rec_mediumPounding The Rock: Dunking is Good For Your Health

Stats say Duncan hates Popovich. It's true!

Pounding The Rock: Partying With The Toros

Wayne talks about the time he's had covering the Toros so far this year, and the PtR Toros get-together.

Rec_mediumPounding The Rock: The Perception of the Third Quarter

How bad are those third quarters, really? LasEspuelas tried to answer this question before the Utah game, when he was proven wrong.

Pounding The Rock: Spurs International Roundup [December 8]: Finding James Gist. Hah, I did it.

Yep, Wayne found Mr. Gist. Apparently, he had some kind of injury.


Pounding the Rock: Updated: My STANDING pledge to the Basketball Gods
SiMA doesn't like Rand anymore. But Rand responds in the post itself.

Pounding the Rock: "Basketball Bats" earns me a "Manu Moment" & gets a laugh from Manu
JanieAnnie gets Manu to laugh.

Rec_mediumPounding the Rock: MORE photos from Nuggets game
JanieAnnie gives us some more of her photographic goodness.

Pounding the Rock: Why?
Big50 gives us his take on the losing streak.

Pounding the Rock: Man I Wish This Was Real
WillyD doesn't like Mark Cuban. Who does?

Rec_mediumPounding the Rock: That Final Play

doggydogworld breaks down that failure of a last play that the Spurs ran against Utah.

Pounding the Rock: oxygen

Manuwar misses Bruce. So do I.

Rec_mediumPounding the Rock: Some Rather Articulate Ramblings About the Last Three Games

Romeo has such a way with words.

Rec_mediumPounding the Rock: Ginobili vs. Dracula, Chapter 7

PEN keeps going...

Rec_mediumPounding the Rock: Ginobili vs. Dracula, Chapter 8

...and going...

Rec_mediumPounding the Rock: Ginobilli vs. Dracula, Chapter 9

...and going with his awesome story.



In this section you'll find every bit of Spurs-related news we were able to find through the Intertubes during the week.


Rec_mediumOn the Five Game Winning Streak | 48 Minutes of Hell
Varner writes about better times. Times that are hard to remember now.

An Update on Viktor Sanikidze | 48 Minutes of Hell

Well, I guess Wayne can't keep up with all the international players associated with the Spurs.


Project Spurs: Spurs Team Of The Decade

No, olf - that's not what they meant.

Rec_mediumProject Spurs: Reveling In The Spurs Offensive Depth
Remember what it felt like to win? Me neither.

Project Spurs: Spurs vs. Nuggets Recap
Jeff Gracia relives the loss, quarter by quarter.


Harvey: MG as KG — winding path back

Buck likes his "paragraphs" short and sweet.

Monroe: Spurs' Ginobili lacking confidence

Manu Ginobili is encouraged with his physical condition and his level of fitness. Next up: Regaining the confidence that has made him one of the NBA's most dynamic players.

Monroe: Spurs lose Finley to ankle sprain

Forward Michael Finley suffered a grade-two sprain of his left ankle and will not make the trip to Utah for the Monday's game against the Jazz.

Rec_mediumMonroe: Popovich: If refs weren't honest, I'd quit
"If Spurs coach Gregg Popovich thought there was any truth to disgraced referee Tim Donaghy's allegations that NBA whistle-tooters routinely let personal bias rule their on-court judgment, he would walk away from the game."


Making Sense of the Spurs' Losses with Numbers, Plus Raja Bell Talk | Bleacher Report
"The Spurs' two-game losing streak is perplexing, infuriating, and frustrating." You're telling us. Tim Duncan Named Player Of The Week
The San Antonio Spurs Tim Duncan today was named the Western Conference Player of the Week for games played Monday, Nov. 23, through Sunday, Nov. 29.

Spurs Dynasty - 3-Game Measuring Stick
JT writes: "Starting tomorrow they'll have a three game stretch against some elite teams, that won't be all candy and hugs, however." No kidding, JT, no kidding.

Rec_mediumSpurs Dynasty - No...more...turkey...
Secretchord53 gives us his take on the season so far(before the losing streak).


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