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This Week in San Antonio Spurs Basketball: Saturday Can't-Make-Deadlines Edition


This is late. I know. Fridays are not good days for web-browsing - so here's your Saturday/Sundayish edition, once again!

Let's down our sorrows in linkage and funny videos - after the jump.

Mood Music

Let's see. First Davis picked music from the 80's, from a group called The Radio Dept. Check it out.

Lauri chose a song by Smog, and I think it's pretty cool.

This one is all on Fred: Tunak Tunak Tun. Sometimes we wonder about Fred.

And now a pick by yours truly. I'm not sure people will like this kind of music, but this week they held a funeral in Chile for Victor Jara, a singer tortured and killed during their military dictatorship in the 70s. I thought it was fitting.



Canis Hoopus: And now for something completely different...a few thoughts on Tiger
Hoopus thoughts on Tiger. Nothing to do with basket, but the discussion is interesting.

Swish Appeal: Effective Heights of WNBA Teams for 2009
We're the shortest team in the league? Crap.

Canis Hoopus: Luxury Tax - Past, Present and Future
Interesting stuff.

Golden State Of Mind: Post Jackson Trade - Is Monta a budding All-Star?

Ridiculous Upside: Last Night in the D-League; Free Throw Disparities Abound!
"Recaps of last night's D-League games." Guess why we lost.

Silver Screen and Roll: Kobe's miracle shot helps Lakers defy sports gods
"All the signs pointed to a Lakers loss. I guess Kobe Bryant can't read."

Silver Screen and Roll: JUST SAY NO to NBATV "Fan Night" Tuesdays
"The NBA's practice of blacking out games on League Pass that are also showing on NBATV makes no sense, and NBA "Fan Night" Tuesdays are hurting Lakers fans."

Sactown Royalty: A Formal Apology to Beno Udrih
I love Sactown Royalty. Second best SB Nation site, hands down.

Rec_mediumSactown Royalty: Sactown Royalty Commandments
Just awesome.

Rec_mediumSactown Royalty: The Mystical Caverns of the Valley of Kings
"Be wary if you must travel through Arcorena, my friends."

Blazersedge: Synergy Sports & The Blazers
Portland Trail Blazers head coach Nate McMillan discusses the team's use of advanced statistical analysis. Also, 5 interesting observations about the Blazers from Synergy Sports reports.

Clips Nation: Griffin's Return Date Slips - Let's Do the Time Warp Again
The Clippers once again overpromise and underdeliver.

Clips Nation: Analysis of Dunleavy's Flaws in Loss to Pacers
Don't read this is you're a Dunleavy fan... those exist, right?

Rec_mediumBright Side Of The Sun: Box n' 1, the unofficially official Phoenix Suns comic strip
Why is this year's team better than last's?

The Dream Shake: What's Wrong With Trevor? - A Rebuttal
"A response to our dear leader's criticisms of Trevor Ariza."

Blog a Bull: Taj Gibson Represents Everything Wrong with the Chicago Bulls (A Rant)
It's a rant, but it's also entertaining (and probably has some truth to it).

Blog a Bull: The Mind of Dorf
"It's easy to look at Reinsdorf as the idiot cheapskate who hired VDN (ha!), blew the D'Antoni signing (haha!) and lost Gordon (Haaaaaaa!) for nothing. But in reality, this guy's brilliant."



MySA: The NBA's saddest goodbyes
"Here is a look at some other great players whose final seasons were sad reminders that choosing when to stop playing is often the hardest choice for the most talented."

Rec_mediumYahoo! Sports: History sides with Iverson in Philly reunion
"Judge Allen Iverson on his actions, not his words. If the Sixers don't already know that, they will soon."

ESPN: Ron Artest of Los Angeles Lakers says he drank booze at halftime of NBA games
Fun times at LA.

ESPN: Allen Iverson accepts Philadelphia 76ers' contract offer
Good for the 76ers.

Yahoo! Sports: NBA's Top 50 Players: All-Star Panel Picks Kobe Bryant No. 1 Over LeBron James

ESPN: New Jersey Nets fire coach Lawrence Frank
It worked, too. Dead coach bounce.

Hoopsworld: Dunleavy: Griffin Back 'Likely After the First of the Year'
Likely. We Need to Dance
Images cracked me up.

Wizards Insider: Book Review: 'The Book of Basketball'
Anyone read this? Durant on big expectations, being skinny and Beyonce
I like this guy, but he needs a better team.

TrueHoop: Raja Bell will be in heavy demand ... if surgery isn't season-ending
Do we dare?

Rec_mediumPhiladelphia Inquirer: Phil Sheridan: Sixers take a bizarre step backward
"It is quite the phenomenon, the willful self-deception in which our local sports franchises seem to specialize."

Dime: All-Star Watch: Rajon Rondo Is A Lock At This Point
Too bad he's such an punk.

Houston Chronicle: Rockets notes: No timetable for McGrady's return
Poor Rockets fans.

ESPN: LeBron James backs off, now 50-50 on dunk contest
What a tease.

NBA FanHouse: Only '50-50' for Dunk Contest
Matt Moore's take on LeBron's asshattery.

FOX Sports: Is Vince a good fit for Magic?
Rosen does his thing.

TrueHoop: Whack Jobs: Wacky history of Nets coach firings
"Bacon, sausage and ham will be joined by one other piece of dead meat: Lawrence Frank."



Surprised kitty
Lauri is obssessed with felines, so she sent me this. Don't judge her. (Soooo cuuuute!)

Another flash game: Super Chuck Norris Brother
It's been a while since I recommend one of these, hasn't it?

New Moon, the Lolcat Version
Say what you want about this saga, at least we're having some chuckles.

Mortal Kombat Is Not A Tournament
They're so right.

Kevin Smith talks about Twilight
Completely not safe for work, and the language might put you off. But he's so right.

Oddly specific
Just more Internet lulz.

New Moon in a Minute
There. I saved you two hours.

Where's Rob?
Improv done right. Ish.

Celebrity Auditions: New Moon
Keeps on giving. Featuring Tom Cruise.

Hanukkah Hey Ya!
Oldie but goodie.

5 Star Wars Status Updates
Facebook humor still hasn't gotten old. Soon, though.

Man vs Toddler
Surprise ending? Gotta love Barats and Bereta.

Best paper ever
I had already linked to this one, but hey. I'm sure someone missed it.

Beard Cage with Working Beard Door

The Best Omegle Ownage Ever
Omegle is so great.

Loaded Santa
Twitter's reason for existing.

Dear Blockbuster member
27b/6 does it again.

It's me! Every girl ever.
I wonder at the kind of people that writes these.



Manu's early days
From his first season in the Argentinian League. What a monster.

Manu's Haier play of the day versus Boston
Get healthy, Manu. You still have it.

Carlos Delfino Monster Block
Yes, he's Argentine. FANGIOOOO!!!

The Minister of Hygiene
Ah, that crazy Steve Nash.

Dejuan Blair vs. Boston Celtics Dec 3 2009


Photos of the Week

Polar bear attack!


Cartoon Skeletons



Dali's anteater


I've got nothing. So have some bearataur!



Quotes of the Week

sleep research facility shares his wisdom.

Life is like a box of chocolates…it melts in the sun.

You'd think that has nothing to do with basketball, and you'd be right, but here's TDzilla!'s input anyway:

Life is like a wheel, it goes round and round and round and round it goes

Joakim Noah on LeBron James’ celebratory dancing after the Cavs beat the Bulls:

"When you’re losing the way you’re losing and guys are rubbing it in your face, dancing and all that. I have a lot of respect for LeBron. It’s just a frustrating situation."

You tell him, Noah!


So that's that.