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Game Thread #30: Miami Heat @ San Antonio Spurs


So long, 2009! For me personally, you weren't nearly as good as you were expected to be. You can partially redeem yourself tonight by ending in a rare and much-longed-for Spurs victory over a team with a winning season record. Why not? After all, there's a blue moon tonight. Dare to dream! Now get off my lawn.


A few last things of interest in 2009

  • Yay, 2000s? From Foreign Policy magazine, Food for Thought: On this day in 2009 . . .
  • Lou Dobbs was a respected, middle-of-the-road journalist.

    The prospect of achieving Middle East peace seemed imminent.

    Beltway pundits believed Al Gore and George W. Bush were centrists who would govern similarly.

    You could meet your loved ones at their arrival gate.

    There were more than 2 million Christians living in Iraq.

    Osama bin Laden was living with his family in a compound in Kandahar.

    China's GDP was $1.4 trillion, half of Germany's.

    Israel still had troops in Lebanon.

    Nobody had ever heard of Somali pirates.

    Something called Inktomi was the world's largest search engine.

    Everybody was clamoring for the new file-sharing program Napster.

    We worried Y2K would bring the global banking infrastructure to its knees.

    Illinois State Senator Barack Obama campaigned for a spot in the House of Representatives.

    First Lady Hillary Clinton campaigned for a spot in the Senate.

    Wasilla, Alaska, Mayor Sarah Palin considered running for state-wide office.

    India had fewer than a billion citizens.

    Strongman Slobodan Milosevic still ruled in Yugoslavia.

    The human genome had not yet been mapped.

    The Concorde flew between Paris and New York.

    Alan Greenspan was widely heralded as the world's greatest financial thinker.

    Boris Yeltsin was preparing to step down and make way for the young pragmatist Vladimir Putin.

    The Dow Jones closed at 11,484. (Today, it's at 10,545.)

    The United States had a record federal budget surplus.
  • Oh, hey, did I just blow your mind?

  • And what would the last day of 2009 be like without some kind of cat thing from Lauri (other than catless, I mean)? LESS AWESOME is the answer you're looking for. This is the latest in the "Simon's Cat" series, which, you know, if you can resist this? Man, I just feel bad for you.

Starting Lineups

Spurs Position Heat
Tony Parker PG Carlos Arroyo
Keith Bogans SG Dwyane Wade
Richard Jefferson SF Quentin Richardson
Tim Duncan PF Michael Beasley
DeJuan Blair C Jermaine O'Neal


Mike Callahan Brian Forte Eric Lewis

Final Note

Please don't post any illegal feed links here. Spurs Radio is here if you want to listen to the game. If that's not working, or if you're looking for a video feed in your area, email LatinD (or, as we call him, "The Man") at