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This Week in San Antonio Spurs Basketball: Not-Quite Tuesday Edition

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Yeah, we realize that the Friday edition has been AWOL for a couple of weeks. The holidays are tough on us blog-losers.


Here we'll provide information, links and summaries for all the games the Spurs played during the week, so that no one has to miss Pop sneering at a reporter.


This week:

Date Game Result
Mon 21 Spurs 103 vs Clippers 87 W
Wed 23 Spurs 94 vs Trail Blazers 98 L
Sat 26 Spurs 112 @ Bucks 97 W
Sun 27 Spurs 95 @ Knicks 88 W

: 17-11, 2nd in Southwest D, 6th in the West

Upcoming games:

Date Opponent Time Local TV Nat TV Radio
Tue 29 vs Minnesota 7:30pm FSNSW WOAI-AM 1200
Thu 31 vs Miami 6:00pm WOAI-AM 1200
Sat 02 @ Washington
6:00pm FSNSW WOAI-AM 1200
Sun 03 @ Toronto
5:00pm FSNSW WOAI-AM 1200

Game #25: San Antonio Spurs 103 Vs Los Angeles Clippers 87



Official recap




Tony Parker - Postgame
Roger Mason Jr - Postgame
DeJuan Blair - Postgame


Pounding The Rock: Game Preview #25: Los Angeles Clippers @ San Antonio Spurs
The Clippers again? Thanks, FSM.

Pounding The Rock: Los Angeles Clippers @ San Antonio Game Thread
The discussion on the Spurs/Clippers game tonight. 2nd Half Thread

48 Minutes of Hell: Los Angeles Clippers 87, San Antonio Spurs 103: the Early Edition
Graydon had fun recapping this one. Aaah, the Clippers.

Project Spurs: Spurs vs. Clippers Recap
Jeff García recaps the game.

Spurs Dynasty: Well, I Could Be Wrong, But I Believe A Clipper Is an Old, Old Wooden Ship That Was Used During the Civil War Era
A short note by SecretChord53 after the Clippers game. Gotta love his titles.

MySA: Spurs' Parker: I've got to be myself
"After trying too hard to be a pass-first point guard, Tony Parker takes Gregg Popovich's admonition to heart and returns to being his old, aggressive self in Spurs' 103-87 victory over Clippers."

Game #26: San Antonio Spurs 94 Vs Portland Trail Blazers 98



Official recap



Coach Pop - Postgame
Roger Mason Jr - Postgame
Richard Jefferson - Postgame


Pounding The Rock: Game Preview #26: Portland Trailblazers @ San Antonio Spurs - War of Attrition
Will the Spurs finally give us the complete game we've been looking for? It sure would be a nice present.

Rec_mediumPounding The Rock: Graphic recap, Portland at San Antonio
Tim C. as Hipuks.

Pounding The Rock: PtR QuickCap: Spurs Lose to a Decimated Portland Squad
Fun times in Spursland.

Pounding The Rock: Is That The Best We Have?
Let me answer this one, Wayne: "No."

48 Minutes of Hell: Portland Trail Blazers 98, San Antonio Spurs 94
Graydon says: "The air of optimism I had begun to breathe was sucked from the room this evening when the Spurs fell to the woefully undermanned Blazers 98-94."

Project Spurs: Spurs vs. Blazers Recap
Want to relive the pain? Here's an option.

Spurs Dynasty: It's Better To Burn Out Than To Fade Away
SecretChord53 shares his Chistmas cheer, and I can't fault him.

Game #27: San Antonio Spurs 112 @ Milwaukee Bucks 97



Official recap




Pounding The Rock: Game Preview #27: San Antonio Spurs @ Milwaukee Bucks - For the Sake of the Fans
Come watch us suck the life out of this wonderful game - now against the Bucks!

Pounding The Rock: San Antonio @ Milwaukee Game Thread
Are the Spurs going to actually play tonight? Join us for the discussion during the game.

Pounding The Rock: PtR Quick Cap: Spurs Run Over Christmas Deer 112-97
How the Spurs actually completed a season sweep of the Bucks. Has that ever happened before?

MySA: Spurs never look back, blast Bucks
"Tonight was better, and we go from here," said Duncan. Good quote.

Game #28: San Antonio Spurs 95 @ New York Knicks 88



Official recap




Pounding The Rock: Game Preview #28 - San Antonio Spurs @ New York Knicks
Sunday games are fun.

Pounding The Rock: San Antonio @ New York Game Thread
Will the SEGABABA be too much for us?

Pounding The Rock: PtR Quick Cap: Spurs win Old School against the Knicks, 95-88
An old school effort by the Spurs results in a win against the Knicks.

MySA: Spurs' veterans overcome adversity
It sounds so epic. They should make a movie about this one.



This is the section for all the original Pounding the Rock content, including the FanPosts that have been recommended by the community.


Pounding The Rock: The Hunt 12-28-09
Now with a cool banner.

Pounding The Rock: The Hunt: 12/21/09
Here is a look at the Spurs hunt for a better seed/standing

Rec_mediumPounding The Rock: The Spurs' Slow Start, By The Numbers
A statistical look at the Spurs' struggles, Including advanced statistics and made-up "advanced" statistics.

Pounding The Rock: Those Pesky Turnovers
Wayne Vore says: "I believe the Spurs turnover problems are caused by two things. Each thing can both be associated with one particular All-Star guard that we have. Yes, I'm talking about Tony and Manu."

Rec_mediumPounding The Rock: The Spurs' Growing Pains are "The Situation"
Also known as "Symptoms of a Team Attempting to Come Together but Struggling to Get There".

Pounding The Rock: Spurs International Roundup
Where McClinton still shoots airballs.


Pounding The Rock: Ho Ho Ho!!!1!!
Merry Christmas - Hipuks style.



In this section you'll find every bit of Spurs-related news we were able to find through the Intertubes during the week.


48 Minutes of Hell: To Foul or Not to Foul: Down Two, 27 Seconds Left
Ruminations by Graydon Gordian after the Portland game.

Rec_medium48 Minutes of Hell: Christmas Wish: Play Ian Mahinmi
All Tim Varner wants for Christmas is a Yawn.

Rec_medium48 Minutes of Hell: Advanced Box Scores
Tim Varner presents's new advanced boxscore. And it was good.


Project Spurs: Spurs Dunk Of The Decade
Not a bad list, but Manu's dunk versus the Mavs belongs there - even if two Manu dunks had already been listed. It's similar to the Hornets dunk, but against two aggressive defenders who fouled him.

Project Spurs: Spurscast Nominated As One Of The Best
Congrats to Jeff and Mike.

Rec_mediumProject Spurs: The Road To 700
Michael De Leon writes: "Gregg Popovich would have you believe winning 700 career wins isn't even worthy of this article. [...] I rarely disagree with Pop on anything, aside from starting Matt Bonner, but I've got to disagree with him on this one."

Project Spurs: Spotlight: Roger Mason
What should we do with Mason? Robby Lim tries to answer that question.


MySA: Spurs' decade in review
Aaah, lists. Where would we be without them?

MySA: Spurs' Finley continues to rehab on road trip
"For the first time since he suffered a Grade 2 sprain of the left ankle on Dec. 9, Spurs forward Michael Finley was with his teammates on a road trip."

Rec_mediumMySA: Duncan's excellence endures
Mike Monroe wrote: "As the first decade of the 21st century nears an end, it is entirely fitting that Tim Duncan is having the best season of any Spur, old or new." You said it, Mike. Now if only those national media clowns would realize this.

MySA: Spurs' mistakes of the decade
Not everything the Spurs did this decade was genius. Here is a recounting of a few missteps.

MySA: Spurs' Ratliff dreams of cheap Christmas
"For reserve center Theo Ratliff, Christmas means approximately a metric ton of torn wrapping paper. Ratliff, 36, and his wife Kristina have six children, ranging in age from 13 to 2 1/2-year old twin girls."

MySA: Seventh in the West, Spurs’ transitional period continues
"Richard Jefferson returns tonight to Wisconsin for the first time since the June trade that reshaped the Spurs and prompted instant speculation that the teams was headed for a fast return to the top of the Western Conference standings."

MySA: Kings to Holt: No reason for doubt
Buck Harvey: "Maybe Peter Holt feels better after Wednesday night. Then, Richard Jefferson played like the investment he was supposed to be."

MySA: Complete game still eluding Spurs
"Over the past two weeks, Spurs coach Gregg Popovich has learned much about the heart of his team. He has observed in his players a mettle, moxie and competitive streak affected neither by blown leads nor big deficits."


Alamo Woes: These new-look San Antonio Spurs getting lost in transition
Mitch Lawrence is not a believer. (hat tip to duncan228. How does she find so many links, anyway? We might never know.)

NBA D-League: The Austin Toros' Dwayne Jones and Curtis Jerrels Co-Performers of the Week
"Jones is averaging a league-leading 14.5 rebounds, while also ranking first in field goal percentage (63 percent) this season." Catching Up With Manu Ginobili
Just a nice little interview with Manu that I'd missed. Worth reading.


An embarrassingly low number of fanposts. Is it the Holidays? Or are people too used to see front page posts and don't feel like adding their own stuff?