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Those Pesky Turnovers

Just a quick hitter about something we've all been watching.

I don't have the time right now to delve, but I believe the Spurs turnover problems are caused by two things. Each thing can both be associated with one particular All-Star guard that we have. Yes, I'm talking about Tony and Manu. I think each is a team wide thing, it's just that they are more prone to it.

Here they are:

It's Called a Bounce Pass, Tony

Seriously, just use the bounce pass. It's God's gift to point guards. In watching the Warriors game, Tony screwed Keith Bogans out of two fast break layups because he didn't use the bounce pass. The bounce pass is THE easiest pass to both throw and catch when on the run. Just do it.

Make The Simple Pass, Manu

I think our guys have been pressing to make plays, and Manu is the king of that. Instead of just making the simple pass to the open man, Manu tries to make the great pass for the score. The team has to trust in their ball movement and the ability for the extra pass to produce the score. Charley Rosen always talks about the pass that led to the pass that got the assist as being important. Personally, I think it is an indicator of trust and comfort. Again, Manu isn't the only one. Several guys are trying to make passes into traffic instead of making the simple pass to the open man.

Those are the things I'll be keeping an eye on tonight.