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This Week in San Antonio Spurs Basketball: Monday Is Back

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No excuses here. The holidays are upon us, and we all have busy, busy schedules that are limiting out capacity of writing blog posts. Things will likely get back to normal once the new year rolls around, but if you want to help in the meantime, it will be more than welcome.

But hey, at least the BLAAAAIIRRRRR page was updated. That's all that matters, right?

We review the uneven week that just went by, after the jump.


Here we'll provide information, links and summaries for all the games the Spurs played during the week, so that no one has to miss Pop sneering at a reporter.


This week:

Date Game Result
Tue 15 Spurs 104 @ Suns 116 L
Wed 16 Spurs 103 @ Warriors 91 W
Sat 19 Spurs 100 vs Pacers 99 W

Standings: 14-10, 7th in the West

Upcoming games:

Date Opponent Time Local TV Nat TV Radio
Mon 21 vs LA Clippers 7:30pm FSNSW WOAI-AM 1200
Wed 23 vs Portland 7:30pm My35 HD WOAI-AM 1200
Sat 26 @ Milwaukee 7:30pm FSNSW WOAI-AM 1200
Sun 27 @ New York
5:00pm FSNSW WOAI-AM 1200

Game #22: San Antonio Spurs 104 @ Phoenix Suns 116



Official recap



Pounding The Rock: Game Preview #22: San Antonio Spurs @ Phoenix Suns
Preview for Spurs-Suns, complete with Nash-photoshopping link.

Pounding The Rock: San Antonio @ Phoenix Game Thread
The Spurs are slowly but surely becoming a true team. Sloooooowly. Part 2

Pounding The Rock: Recap: Suns Torch Spurs, 116-104
A recap of the game, complete with a couple of ideas for suicide.

Rec_mediumPounding The Rock: at Suns - Hipuks' graphic recap
A dramatization of a Spurs fan reaction to our latest loss against the Suns.

Rec_mediumProject Spurs: Spurscast #184: And The Emmy Goes To... Steve Nash
Michael and Jeff recap this bad loss, podcast style.

Spurs Dynasty: Bench Reminds Starters that There Is Indeed A Game Scheduled Tonight
"With about 8 minutes left in the 3rd quarter and trailing by 20, Pop called a timeout. I'd like to think he was as fed up as I was by the lack of energy, execution, and urgency from his starters."

Game #23: San Antonio Spurs 103 @ Golden State Warriors 91



Official recap




Pounding The Rock: Game Preview #23: San Antonio Spurs @ Golden State Warriors
Can the Spurs win one on the road? Who knows.

Pounding The Rock: San Antonio @ Golden State Game Thread
All right, everybody just calm down. Part 2

Rec_mediumPounding The Rock: PtR QuickCap: Duncan Gets Help, Spurs Win Game
How the Spurs escaped Oakland with a win, despite playing ugly.

Pounding The Rock: Spurs at Warriors: Stats of the Game
Some extra stats from BlaseE: "We just won our first SEGABABA of the season and it only took 4 attempts…13 more to go… 6 of our 10 losses have come in SEGABABA’s or FIGABABA’s…. Utah is the only team to beat us on the road in a game that wasn’t part of a BABA."

Spurs Dynasty: Golden State Can't Be Bothered With Such Things As "Position" And "Height"
"We won another game that we should have won. Big whoop. Duncan dominated yet again. Yawn. We turned the ball over 20 times. Lame, but not surprising."

Game #24: San Antonio Spurs 100 Vs Indiana Pacers 99



Official recap



Tim Duncan - Postgame
Coach Pop - Postgame
Richard Jefferson - Postgame



Pounding The Rock: Game Preview #24: Indiana Pacers @ San Antonio Spurs
The Spurs are hosting the Pacers. Here's an idea of what to expect. I didn't say it was a good idea, though.

Pounding The Rock: Indiana @ San Antonio GameThread
Lonely night at PTR.

Pounding The Rock: vs. Pacers - Hipuks' graphic recap
Impressionistic rendition of the Spurs latest win against the Pacers.

48 Minutes of Hell: Indiana Pacers 99, San Antonio Spurs 100
Graydon Gordian writes: "In a game that Gregg Popovich described as an "ugly win," the Spurs defeated the Pacers on a go-ahead dunk from Tim Duncan with four seconds left."

Rec_medium48 Minutes of Hell: Read Between the Lines
Graydon Gordian wonders about some of the substitution in last night's closing minutes.

Project Spurs: Spurs vs. Pacers Recap
A quarter-by-quarter breakdown by Jeff Garcia.

Spurs Dynasty: A Win is A Win is A Win is A Win
Secretchord53 recaps the Pacers game with a perfect title, once again.

MySA: Pop's 700th no slam dunk
"Tim Duncan walked off the AT&T Center floor with 5:08 left in the third quarter, shaking his head in abject frustration. The Spurs had already blown all of a 13-point lead to Indiana."



This is the section for all the original Pounding the Rock content, including the FanPosts that have been recommended by the community.


Rec_mediumPounding The Rock: First Semester Report Cards for the San Antonio Spurs
Wherein we grade the performance of the Spurs' players to date.

Pounding The Rock: The Great Debate: Who's to Blame
Tim C. writes: "There's been a lot of discussion lately, and a lot of finger-pointing from fans, centered around finding someone to blame for the Spurs' problems in this young season. While this would be a constructive excercise in some years, we can't seem to come to a consensus."


Pounding The Rock: Big Fourth?
theonlyromeo writes: "RJ has disappointed me this season. I had such high hopes for him, that I still couldn't believe he's not lifting us to the upper echelon of NBA teams. [...] And I don't know why. So like any irrational hatah, I made up a reason to dislike him."

Rec_mediumPounding The Rock: Ginobilli vs. Dracula, Chapter 10
PEN's story just keeps on rocking.

Pounding The Rock: Movie Reviews
Completely off topic, but that's Hipuks.

Pounding The Rock: Is It Time to Panic
Manu20 says it's not. I agree.

Pounding The Rock: Help me PLEASE!!! Lol
Lauri has been pushed over the edge.

Pounding The Rock: vs. Bobcats - Hipuk's graphic recap
A visual recap of the Spurs-Bobcats game.



In this section you'll find every bit of Spurs-related news we were able to find through the Intertubes during the week.


48 Minutes of Hell: Gladwell, Spurs, Capitalization Rate
"In many ways, seeking an optimum capitalization rate is a quick tutorial in how Buford and company operate."

Rec_medium48 Minutes of Hell: The Spurs Might Be Broke
Tim Varner worries about the Spurs. We all do.

48 Minutes of Hell: Tony Parker as Steve Nash
"Tony Parker’s point play is at the center of the latest version of the 2009-10 Spurs–the team is a brief 21 games in, but it feels like the Spurs have already shed their skin two or three times this season. Version 3.0 defeated the Clippers last night."


Project Spurs: Matt Bonner Opens Portal To NBA Gods
I automatically link posts with titles like this one.

Project Spurs: Top Five Underrated Spurs Players Of The Decade
Hmm. Is #1 really underrated? Leave your feedback.

Project Spurs: Players of the Decade
No surprises in Michael De Leon's list.

Project Spurs: Then and Now: Tony Parker
Jeff García writes about the evolution of our favorite French punching bag through his career.


MySA: Spurs' Bonner sidelined by broken hand
Spurs center-forward Matt Bonner broke the fourth metacarpal in his shooting hand during Saturday's first quarter, and is expected to miss about a month.

MySA: All-decade steal? It's not Parker
Buck Harvey writes: "What happened two years before was something else. Then, at the end of the second round, with the 57th selection, with the second to last pick of the entire draft, the Spurs found Manu Ginobili."

MySA: NBA's good, bad and ugly of the 2000s
"We're not sure what to call the first decade of the 21st Century, but it's about to end, which seems an appropriate time to look back at some of the best, and worst, of the past 10 years in the NBA."

MySA: Decade belonged to Western Conference
Mike Monroe: "Spurs fans, of course, like to think of the decade as the era of silver and black. Yet it was the Lakers who won six Western titles and four championships. It's more accurate to think of it as an era of Western dominance."

Rec_mediumMySA: Pop: No more excuses
Well said, Pop.

Rec_mediumMySA: Blair is still a great unknown
Great read explaining how even Pop doesn't know how to explain DeBeast.

MySA: An opening for Haislip
Bated breath.

MySA: Spurs still upbeat on offseason investments
"The Spurs invested heavily in Richard Jefferson and Antonio McDyess over the offseason. So far, their contributions have been a mixed bag."

MySA: Spurs’ shot doctor working with Blair
Chip's got his work cut out for him on the Beast's free throws.


Spurs of the Moment: Will DeJuan Blair Be Starting Soon?
"With Antonio McDyess struggling, maybe it's time to shake things up and give DeJuan Blair some more minutes."

Rec_mediumBright Side Of The Sun: San Antonio Spurs head coach Gregg Popovich is Anti-tweet
Spurs head coach Gregg Popovich is Anti-tweet (and anti-laptop, anti-iPhone, and anti-dumb question)

Yahoo! Sports: Popovich Bares His True Sarcastic Soul
"If you want to find the real Spurs humor, you have to look a little closer to the team’s personality as we know it: dry, deadpan and just this side of snide."

Los Angeles Times: Gregg Popovich on the Pau Gasol deal
An interview with Pop on how he still views the Gasol trade

Tony's site: Everything is easier
Except winning. Drumroll!

Rec_mediumESPN: Picking the decade's best
The Spurs are featured a number of times. Shock.

ESPN: Breaking Down The Spurs
John Hollinger doubts his own formulas? Tim Duncan, Player of the Decade
Pop and Buford chosen Best GMs and Spurs v. Lakers are best rivalry.

Arash Markazi: George Hill, Gregg Popovich's favorite, may have tough decision
This must be the guy that Pop got all sarcastic on. Decent story.


That's it for today. Look forward to more half-assed coverage of the Spurs by Tim C. and... Tim C.