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Spurs at Warriors: Stats of the Game

Fred and I took a two game hiatus, but I'm back to bring you some interesting stats on the game....promise.

No music. Anyone else get the new 30 Seconds to Mars album? I'm so disappointed in it. It just flat-out sucks.

Stats/Talking Points

1. Rebounding Domination: We out-rebounded them 54 to 34. After bleeding offensive boards to the Suns, we out-rebounded them on the offensive glass 12 to 6 while shooting a higher percentage (8 less missed shots). Of their 6 offensive boards, only one was made by a big, Randolph. The other 5 were all to 1's and 2's.

2. Points in the Paint minus Fast Break Points: I need a name for this stat. I know it isn't an exact number, but I think it is a great approximation of half court offensive efficiency in terms of getting high percentage close range shots. I guess in reverse it would be a measure of defensive efficiency in the half court. Golden State had 32 points in the paint and 18 fast break points. The Spurs had 48 points in the paint and 8 fast break points. That is a 40 to 14 advantage Spurs.

3. Sharing the Ball: Not only did we have 9 players with assists and 6 different players with at least 3, but our bench had 14 assists vs our starters' 12. They had less turnovers as well (7 to 13). Overall, a good night with 26 total assists on 39 FGM for a very nice 67% assist ratio. If Bonner and Mason weren't so cold then those numbers could have even been more bloated. This was a road game as well where the scorekeepers don't have to be generous with away team assists.

4. The Lucky: We won this game by 12 and got to rest Duncan the last minute or two, but keep these things in mind:

A. No Moore, Biedrins, or Turiaf probably helped out Duncan and Blair's offensive nights and our team rebounding.

B. They shot 1 of 10 for three and not all of those were contested. That is some real luck against GS. We also, by some FSM miracle, made 20 of 23 free throws to their 16 of 22.

C. 20 turnovers....The Spurs need to make this the top priority. I don't think I've ever seen so many lazy passes by the Spurs. Even in spite of our +20 rebounding advantage, the Warriors were still +6 FGA's on at -10 turnover advantage.