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This Week in San Antonio Spurs Basketball: Monday Panic Attack

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A bit over 6% of the regular season is behind us now, and the team's losing when faced with real teams. Should we panic? That's a tough one, let me think...


See? Easy. Now join us after the jump, as we recap a pretty craptastic week.


Here we'll provide information, links and summaries for all the games the Spurs played during the week, so that no one has to miss Pop sneering at a reporter.


This week:

Date Game Result
Thu 05 Spurs 99 @ Jazz 113
Fri 06 Spurs 84 @ Trail Blazers 96

Current record: 2-3

Upcoming games:

Date Opponent Time Local TV Nat TV Radio
Mon 09 vs Toronto 7:00pm FSNSW WOAI-AM 1200
Wed 11 vs Dallas 7:00pm FSNSW WOAI-AM 1200
Sat 14 vs Oklahoma City 7:30pm My35 HD WOAI-AM 1200

Game #4: San Antonio Spurs 99 @ Utah Jazz 113



Official recap



Pounding The Rock: Game Preview #4 - San Antonio Spurs @ Utah Jazz - Back from Vacation
CapHill tries her hand at this previewing deal, and she nails it.

Pounding The Rock: PtR Quick Cap: The defense didn't make the road trip...
...and it sure didn't go straight to Portland instead.

Pounding The Rock: San Antonio @ Utah Game Thread
Davis shows us how these things are done. Part 2

Pounding The Rock: Spurs @ Jazz: Stat of the Game: 7
Spurs lacked defense against the Jazz. 48 minutes of hell got it right.

48 Minutes of Hell: San Antonio Spurs 99, Utah Jazz 113: the Late Edition
"The Spurs performance on defense last night was underwhelming at best, deeply concerning at worst."

Project Spurs: Jazz Blowout Win Brings Spurs Back Down To Earth
I think we were all pretty much rooted after the Bulls beatdown.

SpursTalk: Game Thoughts: Spurs @ Jazz - Nov. 5
timvp shares his thoughts on the game.

Spurs Dynasty; A Tale of Two Cities
"As in San Antonio, and every other city in the Association." Jazz-Spurs recap.

MySA: Spurs come out of break bittersweet
"Spurs Notebook: While the Spurs used their four-day break to get new players caught up on the system, it might have come at the expense of the team's momentum."

Game #5: San Antonio Spurs 84 @ Portland Trail Blazers 96



Official recap



Pounding The Rock: Game Preview #5: San Antonio Spurs @ Portland Blazers
A good preview where Tim couldn't lose. Unfortunately, we could.

Pounding The Rock: NBA Live 10 Simulation: Regular Season: San Antonio Spurs @ Portland Trail Blazers
Science failed us. I blame Tony's injury, of course. And Matt Bonner's cold hand. And... and...

Pounding The Rock: San Antonio @ Portland Game Thread
We came, we chatted, we panicked. Part 2

Pounding The Rock: PtR Quick Cap: Blazers Thump Spurs 96-84
Because winning 3 quarters out of 4 isn't enough.

Pounding The Rock: This Year's 1st Quarter is Last Year's 3rd Quarter: Blazers-Spurs Recap
CapHill recaps another heartbreaking loss.

Pounding The Rock: Spurs @ Blazers: Stat of the Game: 17
BlaseE writes: "My first Stat of the Game post was 17, but that was margin of victor. This time it is FGA differential in the second half."

48 Minutes of Hell: San Antonio Spurs 84, Portland Trailblazers 96
"Another disappointing loss on the road."

Spurs Dynasty: The Rip City Ripping
Secretchord53 recaps the newest debacle against the Blazers, live from the scene of the disaster.

MySA: Second verse for Spurs in Portland
"Brandon Roy scored 24 points as the Trail Blazers squandered nearly all of a 17-point lead in the second half before holding on for a 96-84 victory over the Spurs at the Rose Garden."



This is the section for all the original Pounding the Rock content, including the FanPosts that have been recommended by the community.


Pounding The Rock: Not Quite A Wallpaper: BatMANU Begins
Davis catches the 'chop fever.

Pounding The Rock: Spurs International Roundup -- Tiago and Nando Square Off
Guess who won.

Rec_mediumPounding The Rock: Dante Critiques: The Stern Goes to Hell Edition
Take a trip through Hell and the NBA, via the poet Dante.

Pounding The Rock: State of the Silver Stars Nation
Our gals carry on across the sea.

Pounding The Rock: Welcome to PtR. Let Me Give You A Tour
Some amazing music, and a gentle introduction to our blog.

Pounding The Rock: Austin Toros Draft Day
The D-League draft was Thursday night, and Wayne covered it.

Rec_mediumPounding The Rock: Stat of the Week: 0 ACLs
Fred writes: "As most are now aware, DeJuan Blair is missing both of his ACLs. I had many questions about DeJuan Blair's knees so I decided to find the most knowledgeable person possible in order to get some answers. Enter Steve Stratton, PHD, PT, ATC and founder of Steven Stratton Physical Therapy located in San Antonio, TX."

Pounding The Rock: Editorial: Why Tony Parker's Injury is Good for the Spurs
Tim C. explains how the Spurs could benefit from Tony Parker's temporary absence.


Rec_mediumPounding The Rock: George Hill: Tony Parker 0.99?
Our dear romes performs the most disturbing 'chop ever, and then writes a pretty interesting post, to boot.

Pounding The Rock: WatchSpurs
Rand compared Tony to Rorschach, and I still loved this.

Pounding The Rock: Ginobili vs. Dracula, Part 1
Mysterious new poster PEN is crazy.

Pounding The Rock: Ginobili vs. Dracula, Chapter 2
PEN enthralls us with another installment of his ongoing tale.



In this section you'll find every bit of Spurs-related news we were able to find through the Intertubes during the week.


Rec_medium48 Minutes of Hell: Those Tired Old Innovators
Tim Varner writes: "The Spurs are one of the most forward-thinking outfits in American sports."


Project Spurs: Is Michael Finley a Starter?
David Thiessen's take on this question. I say "of course not", you crazy man. Where's Hairston when you need him?

Project Spurs: Redesigning the Spurs Jerseys
Michael De Leon tries his hand at designing a new jersey. I like it.

Rec_mediumProject Spurs: Spurscast In Spanish
How cool is that Michael and Jeff tried this?

Project Spurs: Who's Taking The Final Shot?
Good times.

Project Spurs: Should Matt Bonner Continue To Start?
Probably not, but read what Jeff García has to say about it.


MySA: Spurs' Parker expects to be out a week
"Tony Parker says the sprained ankle that knocked him from Friday night’s 96-84 loss against the Trail Blazers isn’t as severe as others he’s suffered."

MySA: Spurs notebook: Team unfazed by new rims
"If the new, more collapsible rims introduced before the start of the season are really creating more so-called "shooter's rolls," the Spurs haven't noticed." No kidding.

MySA: Back-to-back of bad news
"The Spurs didn't get to see former teammate Ime Udoka at the Rose Garden on Friday. He was cut by the Blazers after camp and is now a King."

MySA: Parker injury hands Spurs' reins to Hill
"George Hill takes over as the Spurs' point guard for however long Tony Parker is out with a sprained ankle."

MySA: Spurs still experiencing growing pains
"There are several reasons for a slow 2-3 start, according to coach Gregg Popovich."

Rec_mediumMySA: Can practice schedule make Spurs dream team?
"The Spurs have shifted to afternoon practice sessions this season after a Stanford study showed athletes who get more sleep saw improvement in their games and were able to recover faster."

MySA: Blowouts allowing Duncan more rest
Not that blowouts have been the norm so far.


Spurs Dynasty: Bat-Man
A recap of this historical night.

Al Hamnik: Popovich, Spurs a perfect fit
That smirk will be legend, too.


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