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PtR Quick Cap: Blazers Thump Spurs 96-84

The Spurs dug themselves out of a 17 point third quarter hole to pull within 3 with 5:30 to go. They couldn't get any closer though as Portland scored 21 points from there on out. Box Score.

The good thing that came out of this loss was that for a stretch the Spurs discovered their defense. Down 64-47 with 6:20 to go in the third, the Spurs finally started playing basketball with some intensity. Even desperation. Over the next 13+ minutes, the Blazers scored 9 points.

It isn't a lot, but it is something to build off. And right now, I'll take it.

Your 3 Stars:

3 - Coach Popovich: He called a time out 46 seconds into the game. He benched Rage 2:48 into the game. Bonner only played 11 minutes. FinDog only played 14. He looked mad. He even chewed out Tim once, I believe.

2 - Antonio McDyess: He looked a little better tonight. Not a lot. But better.

1 - RAGE: RJ responded to his benching with some aggression. He started rebounding hard and driving to he bucket. He wasn't spectacular and he had a team worst -22. However, it looked like he had an attitude adustment.

Our next game is Monday night against the Raptors at home. Hopefully, we will see a team starting to build a little defense.

Tony only played 11 minutes. He tweaked his ankle late in the second quarter and didn't return. X-rays were negative.