Nov. 4th Other Games Thread

I'm bored and thought I'd make this post. 10 games tonight...

* Suns @ Magic:  This one is tough.  Annoying team or a team that could have home court advantage in the finals.  I don't like the Suns not having a loss so go Magic.

* Heat @ Wizards: Go Fab's Wizards....

* Pistons @ Raptors: I kind of like both teams this year....I'll root for the Pistons though...

* Nuggets @ Nets: Go Nets, easy

* Pacers @ Knicks: Go TJ Ford and the Pacers

* Celtics @ Wolves: Go Wolves

* Lakers @ Rockets: Please Rockets...Lakers coming off that overtime win still look sloppy so hopefully Ariza lights Artest up

* Mavs @ Hornets: Go Hornets.  I think it makes us look better if they start winning and I can't root for the Mavs unless it directly and explicitly benefits the Spurs.

* Hawks @ Kings: Go Kings.  We already beat them so it raises our SOS so far.  Its a West bottom feeder vs a East second tier team too.

* Grizzlies @ Warriors: Go Warriors.  They are just more fun to root for.


Those are my picks.  Agree? Disagree? Have better reasons?

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