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Spurs vs Warriors: Stats of the Game

I guess this would be considered the Thanksgiving edition. I am thankful the Spurs have won 3 straight games and are over .500 finally. I'm also thankful for all the awesome people here on PTR who I can share my Spurs love for. I'm glad enough of you enjoy reading my posts to let me do this for fun. Thanks.

I've got about an hour until I have to take off to my parents for Thanksgiving. After the jump, the stats I am thankful for....

Your music pick is just a song I picked from typing "thank" in my iTunes. Enjoy.

Alright let's get into the stats. See Davis's recap for some more great ones and your three stars.

* Monta Ellis scored how many? Oh yeah, he also lead his team with a -21. We won by 14 points. His team was +7 in the 3:40 he was actually on the bench.

* Parker was blocked 5 times. He also got 17 FTA's on 18 FGA's!!! WHAT!?!?! I'm reassembling my head on that one. After Tony was mediocre against the Bucks, he really gave us 110% effort tonight and full aggression mode. I loved it. I'm stealing this from Hirschof, but teams foul when they are tired, so it was smart to be aggressive early.

* Duncan, 10 of 12 from the floor. I know Moore and Radmanovic can't guard you but hot damn! At least they weren't dumb enough to foul you.

* They made three 3 point shots all game. 2 of them were in the first 3 minutes of play. The last one was off the embarrassing Blair missed dunk late in the 4th. We did a great job not letting Curry, Morrow, Ellis, or Radmanovic get going from 3. They settled for a lot of 2's inside the line.

* George Hill had a rough night shooting at 3 of 12. Looking at the boxscores recently, it seems like he has been having these a lot and its always surprising. Watching the games, it always feels like he is going 4 of 5. It doesn't seem like he is taking that many shots and it definitely doesn't seem like he is missing that many. He did have 6 FT's so maybe that's part of it. Guarding Jennings and then Ellis has to be one of the hardest stretches so far this season for him though and I think he did an admirable job. Gold star.

* Manu played 0 minutes. On offense. And on defense. I'm predicting he'll be back for the Philly game (where Duncan will get a triple double in honor of Robinson HoF night).

*RJ with 4 assists. He has had at least 4 assists in 5 of our 7 wins. Sacramento and Washington are the 2. His only 4 assist game we didn't win was OKC. His assists should be down a little with Manu. Or maybe they should go up if he has Manu to pass to and Manu as a defensive distraction on the court. Either way, I like RJ contributing this way so quickly.

Have a great Thanksgiving, and I hope the stats are interesting enough.