Photo Recap of Bucks v. Spurs

 A few photos, some just for fun, from the victory over the Bucks:

George Hill's three pointer to beat the buzzer at the end of the 3rd quarter


Hill's block of Jennings' shot - welcome to the real NBA, rook!


 This shot by Jennings clanked off the rim


 Parker defending against Jennings: "A little help here guys - please?"


Kurt Thomas on TD: "I know all his moves...


...But I still can't stop him."


No reason for this shot other than I like Ilyasova's pose - like maybe he's auditioning for Dancing With the Stars? Nice extension of the arms, but point your toes!


Tim had to contend with the refs all by himself tonight - no advice from me, and the ref is not amused.


No reason for this other than I've always wanted to catch the shot of a "swish" - I think it was a Bonner Three.


And, for you Lauri - George was the Impact Player of the Game!



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