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This Week in San Antonio Spurs Basketball: Monday Injury Attack

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Well, it certainly is nice to end the weekend with a bang, instead of a whimper.

Too bad we have to talk about that other stuff that happened last week, too. I know, I know - we want to keep it in the past. But, we can't do that. We have to talk about the bad times, so that we can appreciate the good times that much more. With that in mind, the Spurs have a busy week ahead. Let's hope it's a good week.

LatinD asked me to handle TWSS this week, so he could concentrate on something else. He'll be by shortly with an incredible statistical assault as part of his "Wonder Years series" - trust me, you'll want to read it. I can't say enough about how incredible it is. Anyway, on to the week that was...


Here we'll provide information, links and summaries for all the games the Spurs played during the week, so that no one has to miss Pop sneering at a reporter.


This week:

Date Game Result
Wed 18 Spurs 94 vs. Mavericks 99 L
Thu 19 Spurs 83 vs. Jazz 90 L
Sat 21 Spurs 106 vs. Wizards 84 W

Current record: 5-6

Upcoming games:

Date Opponent Time Local TV Nat TV Radio
Mon 23 vs Milwaukee 7:30pm FSNSW WOAI-AM 1200
Wed 25 vs Golden State 7:30pm FSNSW WOAI-AM 1200
Fri 27 @ Houston 7:30pm My35 HD WOAI-AM 1200
Sun 29 vs Philadelphia
6:00pm FSNSW WOAI-AM 1200

Game #6: San Antonio Spurs 94 @ Dallas Mavericks 99







Pounding the Rock: Game Preview #9 - San Antonio Spurs @ Dallas Mavericks
Wherein we didn't know Manu and Tony would be out.

Pounding the Rock: Unofficial Spurs/Mavs Recap
Big50 shares his thoughts after a tough loss to the ponies.

Pounding the Rock: San Antonio @ Dallas GameThread, Nov 18, 2009 7:30 PM MST
There would be only one game thread, because of some people's insistence that the mojo required it. Sorry, but it didn't seem to work.

Spurs @ Mavs: Stats of the Game - Pounding The Rock
Boy, was that ugly.

48 Minutes of Hell: San Antonio 94, Dallas 99
So far as losses go, the Spurs played reasonably well in their OT defeat against the Mavericks.

Express-News: Mavs outplay Spurs in OT
What the Spurs have learned over the past week, leading up to Wednesday's 99-94 overtime loss to Dallas: Chemistry projects are even more difficult when some of the important elements are frequently unavailable.

Rec_mediumSpurs Dynasty: The Curse of Drew Gooden
"In the end, we had our chance. But our opportunity to secure the win fell about 2 inches short. Sometimes, that's all it takes."

Game #7: San Antonio Spurs 83 Vs Utah Jazz 90






Richard Jefferson - Postgame
Coach Pop - Postgame
Roger Mason - Postgame
George Hill - Postgame


Pounding the Rock: Game Preview #10: Utah Jazz at San Antonio Spurs
The preview from after we found out there would be no Manu or Tony.

Pounding the Rock: Utah @ San Antonio GameThread, Nov 19, 2009 6:30 PM MST
Wherein we learn Joey Crawford is reffing. Part 2

Pounding the Rock: Suicidal Thoughts and Home Losses: Jazz 90, Spurs 83
Wherein we hate Joey.

Rec_mediumPounding the Rock: Stat of the Game: -20.5: Also, Matt Bonner Makes My Head Hurt
Fred loves Matt Bonner. OK, maybe not - but he comes up with an ingenious arbitrary rating system.

Pounding the Rock: Pictorial and Statistical Recap of Jazz-Spurs
Wayne(notice it's not spelled Wyane) continues using the Fred Silva Rating SystemTM

Project Spurs: Spurscast #180: Live Jazz Recap
The guys at PS are using some newfangled techno-machiny thing called podcasts.

Ball Don't Lie: Behind the Box Score, where the Lakers can do this sitting down
Scroll down to the bottom. KD hates Wayne for the "cookie" incident, but still manages to say nice things about the Spurs after a loss.

Spurs Dynasty - Hey, I Wonder What This Shiny Red Button Labeled "Panic" Does
Secretchords3 tells us NOT to reach for that button.

Express-News: Jazz break through against Spurs
Still, Duncan didn't have to think long to recall a season that started rockier than this one. The Spurs began the strike-shortened 1999 season 6-8, a skid out of the gates that nearly earned Popovich a pink slip.

Game #8: San Antonio Spurs 106 Vs Washington Wizards 84






Tim Duncan - Postgame
Coach Pop - Postgame
Roger Mason - Postgame
Tony Parker - Postgame


Pounding the Rock: Game Preview #11: Washington Wizards @ San Antonio Spurs
CapHill shows us what she thinks of the Spurs' shaky start to the season.

Pounding the Rock: Washington @ San Antonio GameThread, Nov 21, 2009 6:30 PM MST
Cap says she's allowed to change her mind about the Spurs on a moment's notice. Part 2

Pounding the Rock: Spurs vs Wizards: Stats of the Game
BlaseE picks some of his favorite numbers from the game. Can't say that I disagree.

Pounding the Rock: The Spurs Went Streaking In Dismantling of the Wizards
Wayne gives us his take on the victory over Washington.

Pounding the Rock: PtR Represents
Yeah, janieannie was on the court, telling the refs what they should do. So cool.

Pounding the Rock: QuickCap: So That Went Well... Wizards 84, Spurs 106
What went right in the Spurs' first victory in forever.

Express-News: Spurs get back on track
The Spurs squashed their three-game losing streak in resounding fashion Saturday night, thrashing the hapless Washington Wizards 106-84 at the AT&T Center.

Express-News: Parker's convincing night
Spurs guard Tony Parker had a tougher time convincing coach Gregg Popovich to let him play than he did on the court against the Wizards.

Bullets Forever: Spurs rout Wizards in San Antonio: Final wrap, stats only
A look at this one from the other side.



This is the section for all the original Pounding the Rock content, including the FanPosts that have been recommended by the community.


Rec_mediumPounding the Rock: In Praise of Complementary Players
PtR member doggydogworld asks who the complementary players for the 2009-10 Spurs are.

Pounding the Rock: Warning: Blair Rebounding (Wallpaper)
Hirschof gives us a very well put together wallpaper, complete with arms getting ripped off.

Pounding the Rock: Spurs International Roundup: Tiago Plays Big
Tiago is a bad, bad man. And he'd better be here next season.


Pounding the Rock: Blair - Why Has He Been Sitting??
Good Question, yuccaflatsranch.

Rec_mediumPounding the Rock: Ginobili vs. Dracula, Chapter 4
PEN continues to keep us begging for more. And he even left a comment, too.

Pounding the Rock: Bite the Bullet?
Here's a history lesson from theonlyromeo, one that we can draw several parallels to the current Spurs team with.



In this section you'll find every bit of Spurs-related news we were able to find through the Intertubes during the week.


Rec_medium48 Minutes of Hell: The Injury Bug Bites Hard
Should Pop sit Tim Duncan on back-to-backs?

The Spurs and Mavs Hit Reset | 48 Minutes of Hell
Tim Varner talks about the roster changes and injury issues that have been affecting the Spurs and Mavs in the young season.


Rec_mediumProject Spurs: Potential Lost
Project Spurs would like to introduce Mr. Lance Fell. In his first post, he takes a look back at the rise and fall of Ian Mahinmi. He also gives his thoughts on what the Spurs should do to salvage Ian's career with the Spurs.

Project Spurs: Assessing Richard Jefferson's Aggressiveness
A breakdown of RJ's shot selection, with some good accompanying analysis.

Project Spurs: Five Things You Don't Want To Hear During A Spurs Game
I think we can all agree on #1: "Welcome to tonight's game as the San Antonio Spurs take on the defending NBA champions, the Dallas Mavericks."

Project Spurs: Antonio Daniels Back In Silver & Black?
The 6-4 Daniels would have to be willing to accept a role as the third point guard on the team in order for a return to what is still his offseason home.


Express-News: Spurs say struggles part of process
World beaters one game, world-beaten the next, the new-look Spurs have struggled in their search for stability while attempting to integrate seven new players this season.

Express-News: Spurs' Ginobili to miss 7 to 10 days
After being examined by members of the Spurs medical staff Thursday, guard Manu Ginobili has been ruled out of action for seven to 10 days.

Express News: Popovich wants Spurs to ignore record
If Spurs coach Gregg Popovich had his way, his players would avoid the NBA standings right now as if they were a rogue bat loose in the AT&T Center.

Express-News: Jolt by Mason may be what Spurs need
Popovich wants Mason to return to the devil-may-care approach to shooting that characterized his first Spurs season. The coach was encouraged by Mason's approach against the Jazz.


The Oregonian: Former Duck Malik Hairston waits and learns in San Antonio
"Hairston isn't about to complain because he knew his playing time would be limited this season and he is patiently waiting his turn." (h/t: Project Spurs) Gregg Popovich's influence spreads wide across NBA
Other than commissioner David Stern, can you name anyone in the NBA who plays a more influential role than Spurs president and coach Gregg Popovich? I didn't think so.

SPURS: Scatter Shooting with Bill and Sean - 11/16/09
Spurs TV's Bill Land and Sean Elliott check in with their first exclusive, Scatter Shooting. The duo gives their take on the latest around the NBA.

TrueHoop: Bruce Bowen on dirty play
Ahh, Henry... playing to the crowd, I see. Spurs need old Ginobili, all they're getting is an old Manu
Them's fightin' words, Fran. And since when are there guys named Fran?


That's all folks. We'll be back on "Friday" with news from around the league and multimedia stuff.