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PtR Represents

For those that didn't read the game thread, our own JanieAnnie was the Spurs season ticket holder representative for the captain's meeting. It's that thing that takes place at half court before the game where a couple players from each team talk to the refs. Here is JanieAnnie's play-by-play:

I was struck by how really tall the guys are. Everyone is really friendly and the hand shakes are firm, but I really wanted a hug like the players from the two teams gave each other. Except if Tim had tried to hug me he probably would have hurt his back from bending so low. Anyway, the head referee asked me if I had anything to say (people usually just say "good luck" or "have a good game") and my reply was, "Yes, sir - Just call 'em like Tim Duncan sees 'em." It really got a laugh from Tim and Tony, and a pat on the back from Tony, saying "That's good!" And yes, the refs laughed, too.

Full recap, with JanieAnnie's photos, coming tomorrow.