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Wiz @ Spurs: Game Thread #11

I've decided to take Lauri's advice and stop being such a Negative Nancy. I'm going to calm down and not panic for at least another 10 games. Here's hoping for a win.

Why the change in attitude, Cap? Well, it's my prerogative to change my mind (we females are tricky like that), and it's also my duty as a sports fan to overreact and go from the depths of depression to the heights of optimism. Plus, it's a gorgeous day here in Colorado, I actually got to spend some time enjoying the sun today, and I don't have to work this weekend. So I will be sending good vibes to San Antonio through the TV tonight. However, if we lose, I reserve the right to revert back to my depressed, suicidal (figuratively), alcohol-drinking self.And now I present you with something that makes absolutely no sense but should get you up and moving for the game.

Now for the important stuff.

Likely Starters
San Antonio Spurs

Tony Parker

Keith Bogans

Richard Jefferson

Tim Duncan

Antonio McDyess

Washington Wizards

(Fab might be starting)

Gilbert Arenas

Mike Miller

Caron Butler

Antawn Jamison

Brendan Haywood


D. Stafford

B. Forte

D. Jones