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Pictorial and Statistical Recap of Jazz-Spurs

I felt bad that JanieAnnie sent me these pictures late Thursday night and I didn't use them. With her photos and in the spirit of Fred, I give you this statistical recap.


He's dissing Tim on the intro and this is the closest he came to bodying up his assignment all game. -1


Too much angle in the lower body. Even if this shot went in, which is unlikely, it was lucky. -2


You can't out low and out leverage a shorter man. -1

Tim is too experienced to even try and this shows the inability to learn. -4


Looks like The JV attempting a layup. -5

Getting paid $14.2M and making me think of The JV. -10


Challenges jumper. +1

Ineffective when doing what you are supposed to be doing. -3


Arabesqueing? -1

Arabesqueing with Boozer? -100


JanieAnnie says Pop was glaring at Joey Crawford tyring to get a technical and failed.

Failed to get a T from Joey 'T' Crawford? -5


No, really. That's not a foul. That's just Tim being wimpy and trying to avoid contact. This is a man's game and you have to be physical. You can't shy away from contact. -3


Terrible jumpshooting form. That won't get you off the bench rookie. -2


Still trying and still failing. -8


Could we have more guys with ugly shots? Split leg leaners? Any wonder you are in a shooting slump? -5


Nice form. +1

Shot too early in shot clock. -1

Shot too early in shot clock as a point guard. -2


No dancing is not allowed. -1

Doing Thriller is just plain disrespectful. -4