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Suicidal Thoughts and Home Losses: Jazz 90, Spurs 83

Well, the absence of Tony and Manu is just as bad for the team as we all feared. Is it too much to ask for Tony to come back for the next game?

Oh yeah, we're 4-6. And we've lost 3 in a row.

First, I give you mood music:


This game started out decently enough. The Spurs briefly led in the first quarter, and managed to keep it close even after Paul Millsap went off. But then, it all went to hell. The Jazz got a double digit lead in the second quarter, and got back that double-digit lead in the third quarter. The Spurs came all the way back to tie it by the end of the third, before it all went to hell again. There, that's all the description you need. Now, on to the players:

Keith Bogans: The Boogeyman did a good job defending Deron Williams, but a certain someone made sure he was in foul trouble(anyone who exerted effort on D tonight got called for stupid fouls). Didn't do much on offense, but he's not supposed to anyway.

Theo Ratliff: Rat was a brief bright spot in an ugly game. He didn't take a single shot, but got 3 blocks and made things easier on Timmy.

Michael Finley: The pinnacle of suckitude. He didn't turn the ball over, but he wasn't exactly helpful with his 0% shooting. Or getting blocked. Or getting burned repeatedly on defense.

Antonio McDyess: Dice had a solid game, but like everyone else who attempted to play defense, he was saddled with some stupid fouls.

Roger Mason: Believe it or not, Roger didn't suck... on offense. Roger shot 5-9 for 12 points, and only had one turnover in at least 17 minutes at the point. But he sucked on defense, as much as Findog.

Matt Bonner: Sucked almost as bad as Findog on both ends. Actually, he was probably worse on defense. I'll let Fred handle the more thorough Bonner-bashing, though.

Malik Hairston: Played defense, so got in foul trouble. Malik shot as well as Findog, but was definitely better on the defensive end.

Dejuan Blair: I didn't even get to see Dejuan's minutes, because there were so few of them. His stat line looks decent for 8 minutes of play, but he had no fouls. That must mean he didn't play any defense.

Three Stars

George Hill: Cubits had a good enough game, but his shots weren't falling very well(7-17) and he fouled out in the 4th quarter, thanks to a certain someone's refereeing.

Tim Duncan: 50% shooting, 21 points, 9 rebounds, 5 assists. What else is new?

Richard Jefferson: Also 50% shooting, with 16 points, 6 rebounds, and 3 assists. Took too many long jumpers instead of attacking the rim.

And The Winner Is...


Yes, Joey wins again. Congratulations.

No, I'm not bitter at all... when does Manu come back?