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Spurs @ Mavs: Stats of the Game

I really don't want to write this. Let's all swallow our medicine after the jump....

Here is the full boxscore.

The Spurs were:

  • -22 FG attempts (78 to 100). I don't know how we got to overtime with that stat alone. It's not like we were sharpshooting out there (43.6 %).
  • -9 offensive boards (8 to 17). Percentage-wise, it isn't as bad as it seems in the same way that our defensive boards aren't as impressive. We had 16 more opportunities to get defensive boards (42 to 32, advantage Spurs), and they had 16 more opportunities to get offensive boards in turn.
  • -7 steals (1 to 8) and +14 turnovers (19 to 5). These ,combined with the offensive boards, explain the shot attempt differential. Some of those traveling calls (and others) were absolute garbage though. They did let Timmy offensive goal tend though....
  • -11 fastbreak points (7 to 18) which is likely because of the turnovers.
  • -24 points in the paint (22 to 46) or P in the P, as my girlfriend says. I like to come up with other things it could mean like Pee in the Pool. Our interior defense gave up too many second chance points which usually are from the paint. We settled way too often on jumpshots as well. We didn't even have that many 3's (only 15 of our 78 shots).

What an ugly game.... I can't believe we got to overtime looking at these numbers. Our offense is supposedly one of the most effiicient in the league, but if we play like this and give the opposing team 22 more opportunities on offense, I don't think our defense even matters. We just flat out don't deserve to win. Tonight, we play Utah, and hopefully we see a low turnover-high rebounding effort tonight with some aggressive scoring in the paint. I'm looking at you, RJ, and you, Hill, and you, Hairston, and you, Blair to score in the paint and not settle for anything. Duncan and Dice, you guys can shoot from wherever.


Yeah, Duncan, that says it
(Photo taken as he leaves the court after OT according to AP. Photo by Tony Gutierrez)