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OKC Cowboy Thunderclusters @ San Antonio Spurs: Game Thread

The Spurs are on their first winning streak of the season - let's cheer them on as they (hopefully) continue their good play against the Cowboy Thunderclusters (thanks to Lauri for that great new nickname).

The Cowboy Thunderclusters were one of the Spurs' toughest opponents last season, taking two of the four games. Let's start a new tradition with this OKC team and not let this game come down to the wire. I'd love to see the continuation of (as put so eloquently by Wayne) Ugly Spurs Basketball. I am rooting for a certain team in the state of Oklahoma to win tonight, just not the professional basketball one.

Ugly Spurs Basketball

Starting Lineups

Oklahoma City

Russell Westbrook

Thabo Sefolosha

Kevin Durant

Jeff Green

Nenad Krstic

San Antonio

(Wayne said Tony and Timmeh are playing tonight, so the following is my best guess.)

Tony Parker

Keith Bogans

Richard Jefferson

Tim Duncan

Antonio McDyess


Bob Delaney

Curtis Blair

Bill Kennedy

Please, no links to illegal feeds in the comments. Thanks.

And for all of our Filipino buddies, here's hoping Manny pulls off another TKO tonight.