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This Week In San Antonio Spurs Basketball: Friday Massive Video Attack Edition

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Hey there. It's the weekend again. If you're bored as shit, we got so much links and video for you to fill that loneliness void. Feed your boredom, after the jump.

Mood Music

From Tim C.'s musical adventurousness:

LatinD's contribution, as he frolicks in a beach for the weekend:

Here's mine. It has the weirdest title ever but I like its trippiness:



Peachtree Hoops: On whether to fall in love with Josh Smith
I didn't know they called him "The Inspector." Josh Smith has been having a monster season so far, but he's still as consistent as your evening news weatherman until he proves otherwise.

CelticsBlog: A Rested Team is an Offensively Efficient Team
Not true for the Spurs. Take four days off and get run out of the building by the Jazz. Yipee.

Rufus on Fire: All It Takes To Be Happy Is To Just Be Happy
"It's hard to watch the Bobcats right now. Let's think happy thoughts." -- Poor Bobs fans. They make me feel very fortunate. You should, too. We are rooting for a great team.

Blog a Bull: The Bulls and Young Talent
A great FanPost looking at how the Bulls have fared with drafting and developing young talent over the past few years.

Mavs Moneyball: Mavericks Vs Spurs: What Went Wrong?
Mavs fans hatin' on Barea and Damp. And they are now discovering the true nature of the Drew Gooden Hovercraft Express.

Motown String Music: Charlie Villanueva Learns to be an Ambi-Turner
A video of 'Rodney Stuckey teaching Charlie Villanueva about the 'Michigan Left'". To the left, to the left.

Golden State Of Mind: Help Fire Don Nelson By Signing Petition
I think I saw Pop's signature in there.

The Dream Shake: Budinger finds niche, playing time while Taylor forced to wait
Tom Martin compares the early season performance of the Rockets' rooks, with Bud Light getting the early lead against fellow newbie Jermaine Taylor.

Indy Cornrows: Changes Showing Up In Wins For Pacers
"The Indiana Pacers are taking care of the little things which has helped produce a few big wins lately."

Rec_mediumSilver Screen and Roll: Why do advanced statistics hate Kobe Bryant? Part 1
"The ultimate discussion on Kobe Bryant and advanced statistics." -- I shouldn't care because this IS Kobe we're talking about, but C.A. Clark does a good job of breaking things down. It's imperative you read this and Part 2.

Clips Nation: Kaman and Gordon and the Ballot - Some Reactions
Is there another fanbase in the NBA more tortured than Clips fans?

Straight Outta Vancouver: If This Pen Only Had Erasable Ink
"The Memphis Grizzlies are off to a terrible 1-8 start to the season -- disappointment, reactions, and evaluations of the team."

At The Hive: Coachmas Eve
ATH is all abuzz (pun not intended)... or maybe it is) after the Byron Scott firing. On the eve of GM-turned-coach Jeff Bower's first game, here's a look at how the seven previous Hornets coaches have fared in their debuts.

Posting and Toasting: Where The Hell is Darko Milicic?
"The 1-8 Knicks have been undersized and overwhelmed, particularly in their last three games. Why, then, is Darko Milicic riding the bench?" -- Maybe making Eddy Curry's sandwiches?

Canis Hoopus: The Dallas DUST Chip
Ladies and gents, hereby present to you the DUST chip or the Dampier Ultimate Sign-and-Trade. Once played, the chip disappears like dust.

Welcome to Loud City: Etan Thomas the Questioner
"Etan is a regular contributor to the Huffington Post. His past few articles were simply a list of questions that were meant to stir conversation and cause the reader to think. Now he has delivered more questions this time to Hoopshype."

Liberty Ballers: Free Jrue
Thank goodness the days of free George Hill are over.

Third Quarter Collapse: Post-Game Media Availability: Accountability, Honesty, and More
SVG: "I think that and I always thought, this is just a personal thing, I mean, if you're team is not playing hard enough and not committed, that's an indictment as you as a coach and that's the way I look at it right now. I'm not getting the job done."

Bright Side Of The Sun: Why Losing to the Lakers is a Good Plan for the Suns (or at least isn't the end of the world)
"Making the case for the Suns to maintain their underdog edge" -- Hmm. It's hard to make something good out of being beaten badly by a Lakers team without Pau Gasol.

Sactown Royalty: Until There's a Funding Plan, a Downtown Kings Arena is Just a Mirage
"Mayor Kevin Johnson continued his crusade to get that prospective new Kings arena built downtown instead of at Cal Expo this week by asking for semi-formal proposals from area developers."

Blazersedge: Blazersedge Night Update (with Special Acknowledgements!)
It's cool to see how huge Blazersedge has become. And they haven't forgotten to share the love to other Blazers fans who want to watch the games.

Raptors HQ: A Full Athletic Scholarship to the CIS School of My Choice?
Just in case someone wants to consider studying in Canada to get season tickets for Raptors games. No D but hey, at least they score a ton of points.

SLC Dunk: Is Sloan keeping his defensive promises?
"I had higher hopes when I heard Jerry Sloan mention that he would be benching players who didn't commit to playing defense... But 7 games in, I haven't seen Sloan stick to his promise."

Bullets Forever: It's all in the jumper (well, almost) for Andray Blatche
"Blatche has arguably been the Wizards' best player thus far this season." -- Just because Agent Zero has been busy churning out double-digit turnover performances.

Fear The Sword: LeBron and the Clippers - A Theory
I mean, seriously, LeBron to the Clips? Okay, good luck wizzat.

Denver Stiffs: "The shot" from an in-person perspective.
"The Brad Miller shot from an in-person, Nuggets fan perspective."

Rec_mediumRidiculous Upside: D-League Playoffs Expanding
"The D-League announced today that its playoffs are expanding to include best-of-three series in both the first and second rounds. Previously, those rounds had been a single-elimination format. The league also announced that the top four seeds will select their opponents for the second year in a row."



Rec_mediumThe Life of Reilly: The odd, often-confusing culture of the athlete tattoo
"Rick Reilly looks at the confusing nature of the athlete tattoo, from DeShawn Stevenson's backward P to Kenyon Martin's lips and incorrect Bible verse."

Yahoo! Sports: Warriors anxious to part ways with Jackson
Stephen Jackson Rumor Archive #2657494

TrueHoop: Stephen Jackson's Get Out of Golden State Card
Stephen Jackson Rumor Archive # 4683057

ESPN: Allen Iverson leaves Grizzlies for personal reasons
And so the Allen "I Don't Wanna Be No Bench Player" Iversion saga continues. Really, A.I., I love your tenacity and passion for the game, but this is act is really getting old.

ESPN: LeBron James says players who wear No. 23 should give it up in deference to Michael Jordan
Whatever LeBron. You want everyone to give it up just so you can wear it for yourself. Boooo.

Ball Don't Lie: Joakim Noah critic eats his words ... literally
Ugly wins... again.

Ball Don't Lie: Phenomenal Swag: 25th anniversary Air Jordans
"So these are the Jordan 2010s, and with the new shoe comes a new endorser, Dwyane Wade. Wade is the newest member of Jordan Brand, and owner of probably the most Jordan-styled game in the NBA."

Oh Me Oh My, The Jello's Jigglin'!: Steve Nash: You Need to Wear A Batman Mask!!
I love Steve Nash. Really, he's awesome.

ESPN: Dallas Mavericks coach calls out players
Careful, Rick. You don't wanna get Byron Scott'd.

Los Angeles Times: Pau Gasol's hamstring: An alternate theory
Nice, Pau. You're going all Hollywood on Kobe.

SF Gate: Golden State Warriors : Monta spars with Nellie
The second coming of Carlesimo-Sprewell Choke-gate looms.

Yahoo! Sports: Cavs G West inactive again
Having bipolar disorder sucks.

Yahoo! Sports: Hornets' new coach must win over Paul
"Upset by Byron Scott's firing, Hornets star Chris Paul needs a reason to believe his team can win again." -- The PtR advice? As always, let me channel my inner Timmy. CP3, just... CALM THE FUCK DOWN.

FOX Sports: NBA great Abdul-Jabbar has rare form of leukemia
"Kareem Abdul-Jabbar is being treated for a rare form of leukemia, and the basketball great said his prognosis is encouraging."

FOX Sports: The Answer is The Problem for Grizzlies
Uncle Charley proposes either the most absurd trade ever or the most genius trade ever.

FOX Sports: Howard-Shaq matchup falls flat in Cavs' win
The Supermen do their best "Clark Kent impression" instead, according to the Book of Rosen. Hawks' Joe Johnson an NBA free-agent prize few are mentioning
I like Joe Johnson but unfortunately, he's mostly about the money and being the man. Forcing prospects to go to college instead of NBA is un-American
"It is a joke, this idea that a small group of talented young men needs to spend a year living in a dorm when they could be making millions. It contributes to the mockery of education that is major-college basketball. It's unfair to the players." Appreciating Bill Walton upon his retirement from announcing
"Walton will be remembered for many things as an announcer, not the least of which was his tendency toward indefensible hyperbole. On any given night, any NBA player could be the league's best or worst, it seemed."



T. Enami, Japan's enigmatic photographer
LatinD found this thanks to one of Davis' links, and it's pretty interesting.

Can be funny.

Coffee beans
Are huge!

How could we ever live
in a world without Google Maps.

Keep clicking forward
And fall into Hell.

Social Hierarchy Org Charts Through The Years
Beer and porn are cool.

You really don't want
to visit this hotel.

AverageCats - Your cat is average.
Until he dies and I put a hat on its urn. (Here's looking at you and your "normal" activities, Queness)

The word epic is often misused.
But this thread is epic. Keep on reading, because the original image died.

Lank Thompson's "I'm A Handsome Actor"
Almost as good as seeing it live.

Prankster Gets Verizon's CEO Private Address, Visits Him to Discuss Privacy
Scary, but glorious.

Rollercoaster Funnies
You don't wanna get caught on cam with your worst rollercoaster face on.



Spurs vs. Mavericks Highlights. Feel free to watch it over and over.

DUNK OF THE YEAR, so far. Just really, really vicious. Sorry 'bout that, Andy.

More videos, just the way LatinD likes it

Jump Rope Performance by US Naval Academy (I think these aren't cheerleaders...)

The Sims Horror Movie, for geeks.

I'm sure you saw this during Halloween. But just in case you didn't:

LatinD is in love. And she doesn't know his name. And lives in Ukrania. And draws in sand. Here's a link if you want more.

Super Mario Proposal. IDDQD. (You're a geek, too.)

Painfully Honest and Epic Mobile Home Commercial. Lauri recommended this one. She rocks. (Don't miss the behind the scenes follow-up.)

Construction Cat Calls. Barats and Bereta, now with an amazing new logo.


Photos of the Week

Choice Photos from San Antonio vs. Dallas





Again, many thanks to janieannie's awesome photos



Steve Nash breaks out his newest goggles


Photos from Tony.psd of Golden State of Mind (my favorite 'chopper)




Quotes of the Week

Pop post-game, Spurs vs. Mavs:

"We used a lot of different guys [guarding Nowitzki], but I thought Antonio [McDyess] did as good a job as you can do on a Hall of Fame player. And I think Richard [Jefferson] has been aggressive since the start of the season. I think Richard is fine."


Hope you enjoyed that one, I know I did. If you have any suggestions, links and photos that you want to share with other PtR'ers, just drop us an email. Later.