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Spurs vs Kings: Stat(s) of the Game: 4, 10 and 87.5

I've picked three stats for this game because in a beatdown where our team dominates, it's somewhat difficult. Like my last stat of the game, these stats show the Spurs growth from last year to this year. The stats after the jump....

The Spurs and Pop, more specifically, scout players and give them a purpose or a task. We are a team full of specialists led by three serious jack of all trades for their position. I won't go into how much Parker, Duncan, and Manu can do because the focus of this is about what three of our new specialists were brought on to do and can do.

Stat #1: 4

Theo Ratliff was brought in to own the paint and block shots. 4 blocks in 24 minutes!!! He probably altered at least 2 to 4 more.

Stat #2: 10

We all have seen Blair's excellent hands and scoring prowess or at least heard about it, but we all know he was brought in for one thing. Pop has even gone on the record as saying that in terms of coaching he just told Blair, "Just go get the rebounds like you've always done" [not a direct quote]. Well Blair finished with 10 rebounds in 26 minutes. Sure he only had 1 offensive but I'll temper that stat with these three facts about the game:

1. He played a lot with Ratliff who can't leave the paint.

2. We shot 58% and only had 31 misses. That limits opportunites....

3. ...that are stolen by scrappy PG's named George Hill who led the team with 3 offensive boards.

Stat #3: 87.5%

Richard Jefferson isn't quite a one trick pony, at least he better not be, but he should be the 4th scoring option. After his slow shooting start, he goes 7 of 8 from the field for 21 points. Manu and Duncan both score under 15 points in under 23 minutes, and that's all we needed. I love it.

Sidenote: George Hill is our closer. In a game like this, we want to be able to get Tony, Tim, and Manu to the bench for good as soon as possible and trust the rest of the team. George Hill gives me a lot of confidence. In spite of what I wrote above, George Hill is making a case for being in the big 4. He is tenacious on D and can shoot, drive, pass, and get to the line efficiently.