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Roster Reality For The 2009-2010 Spurs: The New 4 (or 5)

The first pre-season game is tomorrow night. I'm excited to see all the new guys. I think it is time for me to start realistically setting my expectations. The more I can get those expectations in line with those of the organization, the less surprised I will be.

The summer roster changes created a lot of excitement. The Jefferson trade, the draft, and the free agent signings. I think all the excitement leads to some unreal expectations. This became clear to me at the media day last Monday. I shouldn't have been surprised. We'd already seen the first glimpse of our reality smack-in-the-face when Jack McClinton was released. But still, there is nothing like some facts to really open the eyes.

The Spurs have the Big 4now. We all know this. We know that Jefferson is a very strong 4th wheel. The eye-opening thing for me was the New 4. I went into media day thinking about all the new faces and all the young faces. What I wasn't prepared for was the concept of the New 4. The Spurs presented it to me as "the New 4" in describing the day's activities. Manu, in his interview, references the New 4 and then throws in a "five with Bogans".

The New 4 are:

  • Richard Jefferson
  • Antonio McDyess
  • Theo Ratliff
  • DeJuan Blair

Conspicuously missing, to me anyway, was 48MoH feature of the day Marcus Haislip. The players the team considered to be of media interest were Tony, Tim, Manu, Jefferson, McDyess, Ratliff, Blair, and the very newly signed Bogans. Not the returning contributors. Not Mason, not Finley, not Hill, not Bonner. Not the returning fringe guys. Not Mahinmi, not Hairston, not Williams. And not Marcus Haislip.

I'm reading between the lines here some, but this just tells me that the organization's expectations of Haislip are not high. They don't consider him to be a "big" signing and that they aren't expecting him to be a large part of the rotation. In much the same way, I don't think they are expecting much from Ian, Malik, or the other Marcus.

For the record, I started writing this post on Saturday. I'm not responding to the 48MoH choosing to post their interview with him today as way to dismiss the article . Tim and I get along just fine. His interview with Haislip is very good. You guys should read it. I love me the guys at the end of bench as much as anybody.