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Sacramento Kings @ San Antonio Spurs: The Game Thread

Yes, there's a Spurs game on Halloween night. No, we're not making any more references to the fact that it's Halloween.

OK, that was a lie.


Yeah, we're playing the Kings. The schedule makers couldn't have made a Halloween thread any easier. Any hack could do this. I mean, Burger King's already done all the work for me.


However, the Spurs are doing their best to keep up. Just a guess here, but Ian Mahinmi, Malik Hairston, and Marcus Haislip are probably on the inactive list for tonight, while Michael Finley gets to feast on brains again.


That undead zombie is still starting today.

The Spurs' scary starters will be: Tony Parker, Michael Finley, Richard Jefferson, Tim Duncan, Matt Bonner

The Kings' not-so-scary starters will be: Tyreke Evans, Desmond Mason, Kevin Martin, Sean May, Jason Thompson

Your officials tonight are: Joe DeRosa, Courtney Kirkland, Ed Malloy

But you already know what's truly going to put a scare into the Kings? Not that zombie starting at SG. No, the Kings have yet to face The Beast. And he's just as pissed about what happened Thursday night as the rest of the Spurs. Methinks the Kings go home with a few less limbs.

Relative Strengths

Manu Ginobili VS Andrés Nocioni

Chart2-manu_medium Chart2-noc_medium

Important Note

Y'all might want to watch this game on NBA League Pass Broadband, which is completely free until November 3. That way you can still hang out on the game thread. You know you want to.