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PtR Quick Cap: Spurs vs Bulls - The Ground Hurts When You Fall From Such A High Place

That thumping you heard was me slapping into Mother Earth. I should have packed a parachute.

On the fall, I did catch a glimpse of a supposedly washed up old man with no hops and no explosion posting 28 points,16 rebounds and 3 blocks.

Other than that, it was pure terror all the way down.

Here's your box score for the 92-85 loss to the Bulls.

For every bit of good we had in last night's game, we had bad in this game. Our bench was weak. We couldn't shoot from 3-point, we didn't rebound, and we looked three steps slow.

There are a lot of stats, that are all bad, that I could give you. But all of them only highlight the fact that we got out-hustled and out-worked. Their hustle and work is what kept them in the game in the first half when they weren't shooting well at 38%. The Spurs, who shot 50% for the half, still found themselves down 1 and that is usually a bad sign. It was tonight.

The Bulls did a really good job in the second half of moving the ball on offense, finding the open man, and knocking down their shots. In general, they just looked like the far better team after the break. They shot 17-36 from the field and went to the line 17 times. Working harder and hustling more usually pays dividends and tonight was not an exception, as they build up as much as a 14 point lead in the third quarter at 72-58.. It remained in double digits most of the rest of the game.

Your three stars:

3 - Matt Bonner: Matt led the team with a +11. 7 points and 5 rebounds were ok.

2 - Nobody

1 - Tim Duncan: If it weren't for him, we would have had ZERO players who showed that they could play. He was 13-19 from the field for 28 points and he hauled down 16 rebounds.