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Game Thread #1: And So It Begins (Spurs vs. Hornets)




Make the jump, hit play, and please stow your tray tables and raise your seats to their upright position.

And another, from bellasa:

Welcome to the very first game thread (Where the Magic Happens™) of the 2009-2010 season. You'll find all the information you need in the Game Preview. Please don't post links to illegal feeds and such, or you will be subjected to relentless gentle correction and friendly reassurances that "we know your intentions were good but dude seriously don't." Should we experience a sudden loss in cabin pressure due to a prolonged halt in the action, a halftime fish will drop from the overhead compartment. We'd like to remind you that the use of electronic devices at this time is strongly encouraged, at least during commercials. Finally, we know you have a choice of NBA teams to root for, and we're glad that you have chosen . . . wisely.

Ready . . . set . . .