Tuesday Opening Night Loser Thread

Hey, look!  It's opening night! Are the Spurs playing? Of course not!!! That's how the NBA has treated the Spurs, and will continue to do so, so get over it.

But the good thing is... loser-ing is baaaack!  And I think I'm the only guy in here happy about it.  Meh.  C'mon people, don't get a life, will ya?

In the meantime, there are some interesting games on tap, in particular, Boston vs. Cleveland a.k.a. the battle of the swaggadocios.   It's KG and Rasheed's combined mouthing off against Shaq's eclipse-ful behind.  Who will win?  I really don't care, and would rather see both teams implode.  The second quarter is on and you can check the boxscore here.  As for other "avenues", you know where to go and share, oookay?


Our Texas rivals are also on the clock, with the Mavs going up against "Leftover" Washington Wiznuts, and Houston taking on the youthfully exuberant TrailBlazerManiacs. 


The Battle for LA rages early on, with a Griffin-dor-less ClipperNation preparing to beaten to death by the Crazy-powered Los Angeles Lakers.


If you wanna talk about basketball, you betcha this is the place.  If you just wanna hang out and talk about 500 Days of Summer, scary movies, your favorite halloween costume, why dogs hate halloween, or even help out LatinD's plans for his San Antonian dream, okay, I'm cool with that, too.

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