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Spurs at Pacers: Stat of the Game

Davis wrote a great recap for another game not a single person got to see and covered a lot of the unusual stats for the game (terrible 3 point shooting, horrible assist margin, horrible free throw shooting, and Granger's 40 minutes). Now, for your stat of the game: 0 games, as in preseason is over. We are now on the final stretch to seeing our Spurs compete for real. I emphasize the seeing part since Stern has mismanaged the viewing of the preseason to no end. Some more after the jump.

Preseason for our Spurs is done, and we finished with a respectable 4-3 record. I say respectable because Pop is apparently the only coach who understands what the preseason is for. Nice 18 point margin of victory in the preseason, Orlando, you really showed us....

So what to take from the preseason:

1. I had lowered my expectations for Blair because he is a rookie. He shattered them. He was the leading rebounder per 48 minutes for all of preseason at 21.3 caroms. Sure, a lot of vets aren't playing as hard or as long as the regular season, but its impressive nonetheless. Griffin was 29th with 13.9 rebounds. Thabeet was 56th with 11.9. Rebounds for Blair translate to points, but he is there to rebound so I won't go too much into his other achievements just yet. How many of us could have imagined a 28 point performance on the road for him going into preseason though?

2. RJ, Ratliff, and Dice all showed value at different points in the preseason. In the home games, I saw Bogans play some good D too.

3. Hill might be able to compete for the most improved player award if he gets 20 minutes a game or so. His transformation is amazing. His shot is so smooth. He can finish in the paint and get to line. He was 12th in efficiency for all guards with players like Kobe, Chris Paul, Wade, and Kevin Martin above him. That is some impressive company for a backup point guard in his second season.

4. Duncan's new knee brace seems effective and his slimmed down body looks ready for the regular season. Some people weren't happy that he lead in assists last night. Get over it. Duncan will average over 4 assists per game this season. He has so many weapons that he can just pick teams apart if they try to cheat off their man.

5. Manu looks ready to compete. It may take a few games for him to get his sharping and shooting as crisp as we are used to, but he highlight reeled quite a few plays this preseason showing all of instincts are still there.

6. Oh yeah, our top 5 point guard, Tony Parker, showed up for a couple games and took some teams apart. He is going to kill teams this year.

7. Finley, Mason, and Bonner are 3 of the best roleplayers the Spurs have ever had. Sure, they aren't the best defenders, but any one of them could lead us in scoring on any given night. That is scary good on offense for the team.

Sorry, I devolved this into a preseason wrap-up but not getting to see the Pacers game made this a somewhat noneventful game. Someone might want to write another real wrap up, but I promise the season will focus more on true stats with these posts when Fred and I can watch the games. 4 days away.....Go Spurs Go!