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This Week in San Antonio Spurs Basketball: Friday Alfajores Edition

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That's right, folks... we're dusting off the old two-a-week TWSS format and bringing it back for the regular season. Today we debut the Friday Edition, full of all the multimedia, off-topic stuff, and news from around SBNation you can stand. Let's get the weekend started early, after the jump. That's right, we're still everything that's wrong with journalism, and have no plans to change that. So sit back, crack open a box of alfajores[NOT cookies], and enjoy.

Mood Music

Suggested by Lauri:

And here's LatinD's follow-up suggestion:

And now, CapHill regales us with a great duet by a couple of legends.

Now, a submission from jrw:

Finally, I make this humble submission:



The Lure of Potential - Raptors HQ
Is the potential of this year's Raptor-squad being over-hyped?

Dear Minnesota Timberwolves - Plz be kewler. Thx. - Ridiculous Upside
Yes, Jared Reiner was cut so they could continue to let the rotting corpse/contract of Brian Cardinal chill on the bench/do whatever he does.

Blazers to Stream Games (Sort Of) - Blazersedge
Ummm, who exactly is going to pay for that?

Blog Season Preview - Blazersedge
A season preview for the Portland Trail Blazers, analyzing key off-season moves and a forecast for wins and losses.

Phoenix Suns Bring a New Harder Edge to the Season - Bright Side Of The Sun
The Phoenix Suns have shown more of an edge and toughness than in years past. Steve Nash talks about the team's attitude and desire going into the season. [Or: P-Stan makes us look like the hacks we are]

NBA Blogger Preview: Charlotte Bobcats - Rufus on Fire
Rufus on Fire provides a Bobcats preview as part of the NBA Bloggers Previews series.

Atlanta Hawks Blog Season Preview - Peachtree Hoops
Peachtree Hoops offers the Atlanta Hawks Blog Season Preview.

2009-2010 Season Preview - Utah Jazz - SLC Dunk
SLC Dunk offers their 2009-2010 Jazz Season Preview

Thursday's Practice Report: Andray Blatche's progress, Caron Butler's fit into the offense and the defense, and Fabricio Oberto tells me I should try alfajores - Bullets Forever
Scroll to the last section for the caramely goodness.

Pick Your Poison - CelticsBlog
A look at the Celtics' new offense.

Ridiculous Transactions: 10/12-10/18 - Ridiculous Upside
A look at the past week's transactions involving D-League players and other NBA players with non-guaranteed contracts.

Orlando Magic and Amway Announce Practice Jersey Sponsorship Agreement - Third Quarter Collapse
Today, the Orlando Magic and Amway announced an agreement permitting Amway to place its logo on the Magic's practice jerseys. Orlando becomes the third NBA team to reach a jersey-sponsorship deal, and Amway--which already holds the naming rights to the Magic's present and future arenas--continues its relationship with the Magic.

Ugliest Uniforms Ever? - Straight Outta Vancouver
Grizzlies unveil a third alternate uniform for the upcoming season.

Building a Roster - How we Got This Clippers Team - Clips Nation
How did this Clippers group get here?

Dionte Christmas arrested while driving Marreese Speights car; carrying Speights' loaded gun - Liberty Ballers
Recently cut Sixer, Dionte Christmas was arrested carrying current Sixer Marreese Speights loaded gun. What does this mean for the Sixers?

Raja Bell Out for Up to Four Months; Bring On Gerald Henderson! - Rufus on Fire
Raja Bell's injury opens up a golden opportunity for Gerald Henderson. Will Larry Brown play him?

Cavaliers waive 3, roster set at 15 - Fear The Sword
The Cavaliers released 3 players on Thursday, leaving them with 15.

Pacers' Public Perception Improves Dramatically - Indy Cornrows
Pollster Frank Luntz reveals that his latest survey results show a dramatic turnaround in the attitude of the community toward the Indiana Pacers.

Is the End of the Detroit Shock Really a Bad Thing? - Swish Appeal
If the Detroit Shock move to Tulsa is that really a bad thing for the WNBA?

Blogger Breaks Strict Baked Goods Locker Room Code - SB Nation
Look, Ma! We're front-page news!



LatinD put these together:

The most Japanese game
you'll ever play.

In this Cafe
you really want to tip the waiter.

Pixar Intro Parody
This is great.

Scratch - The documentary
A documentary about DJs. ...What? I found it interesting. Don't judge me.

POV Helmet Cam Captures Skier Causing Avalanche, Getting Buried and Getting Rescued
(And being a little baby about it, too.)

Jennifer, you are dying
Just kidding.

Super Hardcore Mario Bros. 2

Top 10: Cartman Moments
#2 is my favorite.

The Good Word II: Missionary Rap
Just your usual Barats and Bereta awesomeness.

Pickup Lines Of 10 Historical Figures
Beethoven sure was slick.

Fan Loses Game For Home Team
Good thing for that kid that football fans are famous for being reasonable.

This is news

This site
Made my day.
(One of my favorite IMMDs: "Today, I found that my dog had spent the entire night defending my escaped hamster from the two cats who want to eat him. I like to think that they are an adventure team now. IMMD.")

Shut up... err. (NSFW!)
Sorry, but I've had this playing in the background for two straight days.

I'm not sure I understand how it happened. Onto us.

How do Japanese people warrant
this kind of handburger?

Most awesome flash game ever
It gets really interesting in level 53.

Gary: Landlord of the Flies
Here's Gary!


More good stuff from jrw:



Let's start with the video that made Wayne famous.


Weekly Award

So, we had the idea to do a "Spur of the Week" type of thing for whoever we thought had a great performance. But that was too bland, so then after "cookie"-gate Wayne had a great idea. And now, courtesy of LatinD's template, I humbly present the first winner of the Alfajor for the Alpha Dog award: Howard Beck.


Yes, the man who started all of this "cookie" business is our Alpha Dog this week. Why? Because he drove traffic to PtR with his criticism of Wayne. Thanks a lot, Howard.


Photos of the Week


For some reason, I found this when searching for images of "Howard Beck".


via Golden State of Mind/tony.psd


janieannie caught Dejuan doing his thing.

Tony and Manu on the set of the latest HEB commercial


Quotes of the Week

He’s going to be a good player in the NBA, and he’s going to be a good player quickly.

If he is healthy, and he proves people wrong, we got a hell of a steal. There wasn’t anybody else we were going to pick there who was going to help us win a championship.
-Gregg Popovich, talking about Dejuan Blair

The refs are back!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so happy about that! No offense to the replacements. Lol
Roger Mason, via Twitter

Ain't it funny how life turns around?
Dejuan Blair, also via Twitter


Well, that's it for the Friday edition, folks. Have a good weekend, and we'll be back with the Spurs-centric version of TWSS on Monday.