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This Week in San Antonio Spurs Basketball: Library of Babel Edition (Part 2)

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Did you know that there's a size limit for posts? No?

Neither did we. But I guess this only emphasizes the need to break TWSS in several parts. Let's continue:


Completely Off-Topic

Eye Candy
Useless, but somehow hypnotic. And it has levers.

Is complicated.

What happened in 2005's New Year's Eve?
And why did no one invite me?

Rec_mediumGoogle Street View Guys
Road trip! To photograph the entire country.

Wedding Chapel
I love what they did with the interior. (Check photos.)

Internet justice
is very scary. Part 1, part 2.

HAM (jamón) - Animated Short Film
Done by one of my favorite YouTube artists, Nico Di Mattia.

25 Hilarious Examples
of Parents Saving A Buck On Halloween Costumes.

This could be very offensive. Okay, _is_ very offensive. If you're not thick skinned, skip it at will.

Mortal Kombat Style

Rec_mediumMichelangelo Sidewalk Chalk Art
Sistine Chapel Street Painting. This is my other favorite YouTube artist.

Rec_mediumThe shark
sold this one to me.

Why is this Tumblr so cool?
Probably Crosby.


8 Rejected Photobooth Effects
Yeah, it's more CH. Live with it.



Because Internet is Multimedia

Rec_medium2009-10 NBA preview for the San Antonio Spurs
Barry's still funny. Why did you leave, man?

NBA Tip-Off: San Antonio Spurs previews the 2009-10 San Antonio Spurs.

Top 10 Moves Of the 2009 NBA Season
You might recognize #3. (And #1 is so sweet.)

Go Spurs Go 2009 2010 Song
Pop does not approve.

Rec_mediumDejuan Blair vs Rockets
This is pretty awesome.

Planeta Empanada - La Cocina del Basquet
Manu and empanadas. As Argentinian as it gets.

Memphis Grizzlies Vocabulary
32 "You Knows" in 110 seconds.

Saturday Night Live Sportscenter
Fred picked this one, featuring Ray Romano.


Pics of the Week

The rim design has been updated
In addition to the superficial changes, the new version has breakaway functionality on the sides as well as the front.


Manu, Tony
And some random dude wearing Nike.


Gonna slaaaap you
That's Hipuks' link, not mine. Burn him. (ht: nbahoot)


"Grow, you stupid plant,
else I kick you out of my lawn."


Get out of his way kids
or you can lose your arms. (Thanks SpursTalk)


Ageless. (ht: pickandroll)


Timmy and Ray Allen. Check out Tim's bling. (Thanks go to 48MoH.)



Quotes of the Week

Pop on FinDog: "He seems ageless to me,"

Shaq on avoiding the flu: "I don't get sick. I'm the son of a military man. We have top-secret access to Tamiflu, and other stuff."

Bonner on blocking Shaq: "I just tried not to make eye contact, basically."


Okay, I'm done. That was exhausting... I kind of mailed in the new section, so it'll improve next week.