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This Week in San Antonio Spurs Basketball: Library of Babel Edition (Part 1)


So today we're going to be adding a new section to our TWSS post - a new goal, actually. We plan to use it to review the Spurs' week, including the boxscores, recaps, photos and whatever else we can find. It's both a lot of work and pushes the length of this post beyond what's reasonable, to when the preseason is over we plan to split it in two parts: the good ol' random links TWSS post every Friday, and a What's Up With the Spurs TWSS post on Mondays.

We're still not sure if it's a good idea and how exactly we should do it, so please, comment and give us some feedback. Without further ado, the jump:

(Library of Babel? Library of Babel. Afterwards, click.)

The Music

I think this section is going to eat up the entire site. First we have Tim's picks, and I have to say they scared the wee out of me for some reason. First we have a cover of U2's With or Without You(you're welcome, bellasa), by Keane:

And now The Distance, by CAKE. Pretty nice video, I thought. Watch out for those furries.

jolly's sole pick tells us a lot about him. More than we ever wanted to know.

Rufus on Fire actually started putting up gameday pump-up music, which caught my eye. Are we suddenly trend-setters? Regardless, here's their pick for their last game: Queen's Tie Your Mother Down.

Another odd find: Andrew Sharp, who writes for, saw BlaseE's "The Sickness" wallpaper and wondered whether Manu was a fan of Disturbed.

My turn. We kick it off gently, with Lou Reed's Perfect Day:

Now it's dEUS playing New Partner:

Matthew Shelly and Tony R. Clef with a brief excerpt of the Genesis classic "Blood On The Rooftops". I loved it - am I turning emo?

Last but not least, my love for Brad Neely is likely to get me banned at some point:



Everything Black, Silver And White

48 Minutes of Hell: Tiago Splitter and Nando De Colo
Bruno's first post in 48 Minutes of Hell, where he will serve as an international correspondent regarding the development of Spurs-drafted players currently playing overseas.

Rec_medium48 Minutes of Hell: Training Camp Head Games
Tim Varner writes: "During the season, we often concern ourselves with the psychology of the team. But during training camp, I find myself thinking about the psychology of individual players. How will the psychology of each player integrate into the fabric that is the Spurs..."

Rec_medium48 Minutes of Hell: The End of the Roster
Tim Varner analyzes the players at the end of the bench.

Project Spurs: End Of The Bench
David Thiessen takes a look at the players on the edge and try to determine who will probably make the roster.

Project Spurs: 1999-2009 Spurs All-Decade Team: The Bench & Coach
Michael De Leon makes his picks. ...Rasho? Regardless, these things are always fun to read.

Project Spurs: Interview With A Bum
Jeff Garcia interviews one of the members of the Baseline Bums. Ginobili's return has expectations high in San Antonio
"Tim Duncan, of course, is the tent pole in the middle, holding up everything on his broad shoulders so that the act may go on under the Spurs' big top."

Empty the Bench: DeJuan Blair Could Be Rookie of the Year

Rec_mediumDeJuan Blair FACTS!
The man, the myth, the San Antonio Spur. Must-visit.

Spurs Basketball: Spurs' Final roster spot maybe left open
Robby Lim writes: "Leaving the last roster spot available is actually not a bad idea; in the past the Spurs have used it to make some additions or roster changes right around the trade or free agent deadline. Roster Flexibility is a good thing."

Spurs Basketball: Spurs getting ready for the start of the season
More from Robby Lim.

MySA: Parker, Duncan top ailing James
Bonner is so boss.

MySA: Shaq says reading Spurs' return is fundamental
He gave it to Wade, now he'll give it to LeBron.

MySA: Haislip happy to be back in NBA
"Spurs forward Marcus Haislip made a lifetime's worth of memories playing the past four seasons in Europe."

MySA: Finley now Spurs' reluctant elder
"There is a bond among NBA players selected in each draft class, especially among first-round picks. As the seasons pass, the bonds grow stronger among those who last."

MySA: The Bogans fallout
"The minute Bogans autographed his conract, Hairston and Williams both knew the deal: It was mano-a-mano for a roster spot."

MySA: Spurs trio still here, if slightly forgotten
"Lost amid the Spurs’ offseason additions are that they have three returning players who figure into the team’s plans — Roger Mason Jr., Michael Finley and Matt Bonner."

MySA: Spurs' Mahinmi shines despite ref's error
"When he has been healthy enough to suit up and play, Spurs center Ian Mahinmi often has had his progression as an NBA-caliber player retarded by foul problems."

MySA: Numbers working against Spurs hopefuls
"The deepest training camp roster the Spurs have enjoyed in years heads into the final two weeks of preparation for the regular season with plenty of competition remaining among the 18 players."

SB Nation: Some Nicknames for DeJuan Blair
If you scroll down and look for "Some Nicknames" you'll see the post I tried to link to. Apparently SB Nation doesn't let me link directly to it... meh. Anyway, Andrew Sharp tries to come up with a nickname for DeJuan. I'm not sold, and I wish he's check PTR's offerings, but hey, check it out.

Slam: San Antonio Spurs Season Preview
This proves once again that Slam doesn't get the Spurs.

Rec_mediumBall Don't Lie: BDL's 2009-10 NBA Preview: San Antonio Spurs
Skeets likes us for 57 RS wins. I think we'll do better.



This Week In Pounding the Rock

Pounding The Rock: TWSS: International Roundup - I think Tiago Splitter will be in a San Antonio Spurs uniform next fall
Wayne continues browsing foreign sites for the latest on our might-be Spurs.

Rec_mediumPounding The Rock: Wallpaper: Manu Warm Up
BlaseE works his magic using a photo by janieannie, and apparently "the sickness" isn't liked by some PTRers.

Pounding The Rock: Catch Tiago Splitter Live Today -- The International Game Thread
Apparently he looked like a mobile Rasho. Yay.

Pounding The Rock: A Spurs Poem #1: The New Beginning
It rhymes, too.

Pounding The Rock: Allegiances, Temptation and Betrayal
A long time Manu Ginobili fan has a crisis when he unexpectedly checks a different player's box score first.

Pounding The Rock: Developing the young Guard: George Hill
Robby revisits an old post of his.

Rec_mediumPounding The Rock: Michael Finley Shot in Zombie Confusion
Spurs guard Michael Finley is in stable condition after suffering a gunshot wound sustained during a brief panic during which it was ascertained that he was "probably definitely a zombie." (The best thing in PTR in a long, long time. Read it.)

Pounding The Rock: Gist, Blair Destroy Tokyo in Mutant Rampage
Sometimes I wonder about scrappy-doo.

Pounding The Rock: The Legend of Blair... A True Texan Tall Tale
Crazy new members...



Around SB Nation

Rec_mediumGolden State Of Mind: What Would the Spurs Do?
An interesting write up on Jax. An interesting discussion in the comments, too.

Rec_mediumGolden State Of Mind: SonicsGate Now Playing in a Web Browser Near You
"The story of SonicsGate will not be forgotten. The great fans of the Seattle SuperSonics put together a very insightful documentary. was created by Sonics fans in order to educate the public about Seattle's NBA team the Seattle SuperSonics and preserve its history."

The Dream Shake: Semi-Acceptable Excuses Explaining My Rockets Fanhood - Pt. 1
Tom Martin: "Yes, I'm actually doing a "Why I love my team" post. Live with it."

Blazersedge: Bill Walton Returns to Rip City
"The Blazer's all-time greatest center meets with the media in Portland, Oregon."

Blazersedge: Making Peace With Bill Walton
"A discussion of the 30-year love-hate relationship between Portland Trail Blazer fans and Bill Walton."

Sactown Royalty: Ever Feel Like You've Been Left Out...?
Poor Sean May.

CelticsBlog: What Have We Learned So Far?
A whole lot, it seems. Or nothing.

Silver Screen and Roll: 2009-2010 NBA Season Wins Odds
Vegas says we win 54.5 win, good for second in the West. Hmm.

Rec_mediumSilver Screen and Roll: Dribble-Step-Step: Get Over It
Josh Tucker writes: "The NBA has changed the rule on traveling. I say it doesn't matter, nothing has actually changed, and it's nothing to be upset about."

Ridiculous Upside: The Preseason So Far
"A look at some notable NBA preseason performances from players with D-League experience."

Canis Hoopus: Kevin Love breaks the 4th metacarpal on his left hand
Out for 6-8 weeks.

Peachtree Hoops: 72 reasons to be excited about the Atlanta Hawks: #14 Bob Rathbun's Hair
A cool idea we need to plagiarize next season.

Bullets Forever: Only Read This If You Enjoy Beating Dead Horsies
This is what happens when you don't draft Blair.

Rec_mediumSwish Appeal: The Evolution of the WNBA
"Charting how the WNBA has changed over time, and a new level of play."

Swish Appeal: Rant: Good Beats Great
"Good is beating Great. And the problem that Great faces is that Good wants to get better."

Peninsula is Mightier: Heat youngsters leading the way as team continues to get better
"Miami's first two preseason games were pretty bad as team combined to shoot only 35% from the field while losing both handily. Since returning home to face the Spurs, the Heat have been shooting the lights out while still working hard on both ends of the floor."

Denver Stiffs: 2009-10 Northwest Division Preview...
"Is it too early to blame the schedule?"

At The Hive: Chris Paul, the Super Star
"Chris Paul enters his 5th season in the NBA; in many ways, the first section of his career has drawn to a close. A look at his record breaking first four seasons and what lies ahead."



Even More Hoops

ESPN: Golden State Warriors plan on Tuesday meeting with Stephen Jackson
"The Warriors will talk to Stephen Jackson on Tuesday in an attempt to smooth over differences between the player and team."

ESPN: LeBron James, Cleveland Cavaliers teammates being treated for swine flu
"LeBron James and teammates Darnell Jackson and Coby Karl have tested positive for Influenza A, and are being treated as if they have the H1N1 virus."

ESPN: NBA on traveling: Two steps are better than one
"NBA players will be able to take two steps before they have to stop, pass or shoot this season." Somewhere, LeBron smiles.

Rec_mediumChicago Bulls Confidential: How I Lost My Virginity - The Bulls/Jazz Story
Sham from ShamSports watched his first ever NBA game. You should read this, even though no one paid attention to it in the FanShots.

Rec_mediumThe Sports Count: How I Spent My Off-Season: Kerr, D’Antoni & Biedrins
Ridiculous. I like it.

The Sports Count: What Are The Odds? Gilbert Arenas: 2009/2010
Another format we have to plagiarize at some point.

Rec_mediumBust a Bucket: "Super" Trail Blazers Player Preview, Part 1
An original preview, with great 'chops. Take a look.

Bust a Bucket: "Super" Trail Blazers Player Preview, Part 2
Here's part 2.

FOX Sports: Report: Marbury will sit out season
He's "doing what Michael Jordan did".

Green Street: Allen Excited for Obama’s Visit, Would Consider Politics
Who wants Allen for governor?

Yahoo! Sports: For Jackson, parting ways only solution
"Stephen Jackson can't see himself wanting to stay with the Warriors even if they improve their roster."

Dime: Second-Class Clippers
"As if the Clippers didn’t already feel like second-class citizens in their own arena, how do you think they felt playing a home game at Staples Center yesterday with the Lakers logo painted at midcourt and the gym dipped in purple and gold?"

BostonHerald: Stan Van Gundy fined $35,000 for ripping referees
"The NBA wasn’t kidding when it reminded its teams before this preseason that it can fine players and coaches for publicly criticizing referees."

Free Throw Shooting: Why was Jordan’s era such a weak defensive era?
"No zone defense; Barely any double teams; No traps." I just spoiled the post.

Dime: Stephen Jackson: "I’m Not A Fan Of Kobe"
Who is? ...Oh, didn't see you there, olf.

CelticsLife: When did people start hating on the NBA?
I wonder if the Internet had something to do with it.... nah.

Dime: NBA’s nastiest rivalry renewed; Hedo makes Toronto debut
"What happens if this labor dispute stretches into the regular season, and Phil Jackson makes one of his sneaky remarks about the refs after a national TV game? Is he going to get the six-figure treatment?"

LA Times: Wilt Chamberlain's spirit, and legend, live on in his mansion on the hill
"At the House That Wilt Built, the spirit of the outsized original owner still reverberates."

NBA FanHouse: Kevin Durant Wants You to Know He's a Team Player
"It's no surprise Kevin Durant is really pushing the team angle this week."

The Blowtorch: What Is In Carlos Boozer's Box?
Deron's hopes and dreams? YouTube Finds: Get Your Classic NBA Live Music On
Aah, nostalgia.

Rec_mediumBasketbawful: The Livin' Largue Epilogue: Part 3
This series is done, and it was a blast. Go read it, if you haven't.



The Spurs' Week


Clippers (3-1) 93 @ Spurs 90 (2-2) | Wednesday, October 14th

Relevant Linkage

Pounding The Rock: Preseason Game Preview #4: Los Angeles Clippers @ San Antonio Spurs
Griffin meets Blair = Second Impact.

Pounding The Rock: Los Angeles Clippers @ San Antonio GameThread
Join us as we read boxscores and complain about Stern.

Pounding The Rock: Quick Cap: Los Angeles Clippers knock off Spurs 93-90: Pop Ians
Pop Ians? I have no idea, either.

A Few Photos from the Clippers Game
janienannie comes through once more.

Pounding The Rock: Stat of the Game: Clippers @ Spurs
The first edition of a new section. Today: assists/FG.

Clips Nation: Clippers @ San Antonio (Pre-Season) - Open Thread
The Clips fans talk.

Clips Nation: Clippers 93 - San Antonio 90 (Pre-Season) - Blake Superior leads the way
Clippers win 3rd straight pre-season game. Watch out.




Wayne wrote:

In a battle of the two best players from this year's draft, the Blake Griffin led Clippers beat the DeJuan Blair led San Antonio Spurs 93-90. Both power forwards had big games, but so did a pair of veteran small forwards from each team and I bet the coaches liked what they saw of them.


DeJuan Blair put up another double-double -- he leads the team -- tonight with 11 points and 12 rebounds in 24 minutes. You sure have to like his rebound rate. Every game I see him play I think back to what Jonathon Givony of Draft Express told me at the Summer League. "He's really good. Those dumb ******* GMs let their doctors tell them what to do." Ok, that might not be a direct quote. But it was something like that and he was just shaking his head in disgust that Blair got drafted where he did. He said we would love him. You know, I'm starting to think that Givony guy might be right. There are some GMs with some problems. Speaking of Draft Express, they are getting ready for the start of the college basketball season with their conference previews. Check it out if you want to know who to watch as far as draft prospects for 2010.


All-in-all the Spurs pulled down 16 offensive rebounds in the loss. I'm going to be very interested in following the offensive rebounding as the season gets going for real. If we can improve significantly in that area, it would be a huge boost for the team. writes:

Blake Griffin, the overall No. 1 pick in the NBA draft, had 23 points and seven rebounds in 29 minutes to lead the Los Angeles Clippers to a 93-90 preseason victory over the San Antonio Spurs on Wednesday night.

In the closing seconds, Clippers center DeAndre Jordan stuffed Curtis Jerrells' layup attempt that would have given the Spurs the lead, then hit two free throws with 5.1 seconds left. Jerrells missed a 3-pointer at the buzzer.

Griffin scored 10 points in the first quarter and had 13 in the third.

"It was cool,'' Griffin said of his first-quarter, head-to-head matchup with perennial All-NBA post Tim Duncan. "I've watched him for as long as I can remember, since I was 8 years old and he was in his first year in the league. It was really cool to go up against him.''

The Clippers outscored the Spurs 29-26 in the fourth quarter behind 13 points from Al Thornton.



Manu Ginobili

Richard Jefferson

Coach Pop

George Hill


Most photos are property of janieannie. Do you mind if I put them here, janie?

Clip2o_medium Img5201_medium_medium

Img5236a_medium_medium Img5294u_medium_medium


Gregg Popovich

opening statement
"It was a pretty good night defensively. I thought a lot of guys did a good job defensively. We were able to look at a lot of players. Overall it was a good night."

on Richard Jefferson's performance tonight
"I thought Richard was much more aggressive then he has been. He really looked a lot more comfortable with what we were doing."

Manu Ginobili

on his play tonight against the Clippers
"I felt I played better than I did in the first few games. I have a long way to go offensively and defensively. I am working on getting better in the next two weeks. I am closer than I was before to where I want to be."

Richard Jefferson

on learning the Spurs system
"I came into a situation where a lot of guys who already have known the system for a long time. My job is to learn the system and figure out how it all fits for me. Once I can figure that out, I can be more aggressive. I was learning the plays the first week of practice. I had an idea of what they did from playing against them and knowing how they play. It's like I am almost a rookie against but the more I get to play, the more aggressive I can be."

Mike Dunleavy

opening statement
"Overall, tonight was a good game for us. With us getting a lot of guys to play different minutes, it was definitely good to get that going this preseason. Our guys played hard as there were a lot of positives out there for us and we just hope to keep getting better in this preseason."

Blake Griffin

on the game
"We played well. We stayed in the game, and that's important against a team like this. You have to keep it close. If you get too far down it's hard to come back. I feel like everyone did a great job of moving the ball and hitting their shots and doing everything we needed to."

More quotes.



Cavaliers (3-1) 98 @ Spurs 105 (2-2) | Friday, October 16th

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Check out our Spurs vs. Cavs preview.

Pounding The Rock: NBA LIVE 10 Simulation: Preseason #5: Cleveland Cavaliers vs San Antonio Spurs
Science says: we got this chit.

Pounding The Rock: Cleveland @ San Antonio GameThread
Preseason magic for the cynical.

Pounding The Rock: Quick Cap: Spurs survive attack of the sword wielding puerco adobado, Win 105-98
Wayne was probably under the influence when he wrote the title.

Pounding The Rock: My Photos from the Cavs Game
janie took more photos, and caught Tony with his tongue out. Oh, and Shaq has a humongous butt.

Pounding The Rock: Spurs vs. Cavs: Stat of the Game: 110%
Witness... Fred's smackdown.

MySA: Who's got LeBron?
I miss Bowen.




Wayne wrote:

BronBron had 22 points in 19 minutes going 7-14 from the field and 7-9 from the line. If you want to nitpick a great opponent who had a very good game in order to belittle them (like I want to do to LeBron James) you'd point out that he had only 1 assist. His no turnovers and 6 rebounds were nice though.

FatFat grabbed 13 rebounds in 24 minutes, which is good. He also shot 3-11 from the field. Not good.


Tony Parker looked like LeBron. 22 points on 7-14 from the field and 8-8 from the line. He kicked in 7 assists (with 1 TO) and 3 rebounds in his 25 minutes.

Tim Duncan had 13 and 9 in 20 minutes. He didn't shoot great, 5-11 from the field and 3-6 from the line.

George Hill was outstanding. Again. He had 13 points -- 11-12 from the line -- 3 assists and 0 turnovers in 25 minutes. Add it all up and our point guards had 35 points, 10 assists, 1 TO, 5 rebounds, and went 19-20 from the line in 49 1/2 minutes. I don't know about you, but I'll take that every night.


BlaseE pointed to our assist-to-FGM ratio last game. Tonight, 23 for 33 or 69.7%. Our last two field goals were unassisted in garbage time when we were milking the clock and going one-on-one. And we only had 11 turnovers. These are good trends I'd like to see continue. said:

LeBron James isn't quite over the flu. He's not that far off.

James scored 22 points in 19 minutes in his return to the Cleveland lineup after staying home sick for the last game, but the San Antonio Spurs beat the Cavaliers 105-98 on Friday night.

Though not completely healthy, James said he still felt pretty good after going 7 of 14 from the field and grabbing six rebounds. He and two teammates tested positive this week for Influenza A, and James spent two days this week just lying in bed.

"I'm down probably 20 percent of what I know I'm capable of playing at," James said.

Despite feeling better, James will likely sit out Saturday's game against Dallas.

Tony Parker scored 22 points to lead the Spurs, who were without coach Gregg Popovich who wasn't sick - he just took the night off.

Along with James, Darnell Jackson and Coby Karl of the Cavaliers also tested positive for Influenza A. Six Cleveland players have had flu-like symptoms this week.


Matt Bonner blocks Shaquille O'Neal
It happened.

Tony Parker embarrasses Darnell Jackson
Sacre bleu!


Coach Mike Budenholzer

Matt Bonner

Antonio McDyess


Most photos taken by janieannie.


67421_cavaliers_spurs_basketball_medium_mediumImg5399_medium_medium Img5385_medium_medium


Spurs Assistant Coach Mike Budenholzer

When asked how it was to have three coaches coach tonight - "It was fun for us. We have a lot of fun in practice, in meetings, on the road and during games. It’s great to work with these guys."

On Tim Duncan and Tony Parker - "They got a good run. They found some spots to be aggressive. I think they both shot the ball well. Tony mixed in with getting to the rim. Tony is doing a good job. Like Pop says, he has to do everything. He has to score, find guys, penetrate and for his minutes tonight he did a good job."

On George Hill getting to line 12 times - "I think that’s one thing that George does well; he gets to the free through line. He has added an attack mentality and the more he attacks the more he gets to the line."

Matt Bonner

On the game - "It was good to be on the court in the preseason. It’s one preseason down and two games to go before we start the regular season. It was hard to get rhythm early in the game. But you will have these types of games during the season so you have to work to find a good pace."

On the assistant coaches - "They were good and they got the win. That’s the important part. It’s important whether Pop is coaching us or not that we execute and continue to get better. Every assistant coach has his own style."

On what Shaq brings to the Cavs - "Shaq has had a lot of success everywhere he has played. He has the experience, charisma and he changes games. I didn’t notice any difference in the team’s style of play but I am not a very good coach of style."

Antonio McDyess

On the game - "We did good and played well considering it’s preseason and a lot of teams aren’t playing guys at 100 percent and a lot of players are from the bench. But we played well with the players we had in there. We are trying to get a feel for the calls we on defense this season."

On if LeBron’s sickness affected him - "Not at all. You think sometimes in the back of your head that sickness will cause problems but he breezed through that tonight."

Cavaliers Head Coach Mike Brown

On Popovich‘s decision to let his assistant coaches run the game - "It was pretty neat. He‘s a great guy as not only does he give them experience but he puts those guys in a position that if something were happen to him, whether he gets kicked out or whatever, they have the experience of doing it before. I also talked about the same thing with Danny about Mike Malone, so when they told me what was going to happen tonight, I thought the second half would be a great time. I thought that would be great, especially with our initial guys, as I will probably rest some of them tomorrow and in these next two games try to figure out a better rotation."

On if Mike would take over as coach if he were to be asked to leave a game - "Yeah, Mike would take over, but tonight I didn‘t do him any justice. Coaching the start of the second half, he started in the hole down seven, so he did a nice job at least holding par by breaking even."

Shaquille O'Neal

On playing with Lebron - "It felt good to have LeBron on the court tonight but I think things will get better with time especially in game situations. During the preseason we focus on stamina and staying healthy. We still have a lot of thing we can do better and that’s what practice is for."

On Tim Duncan - "Oh Yeah! We are two guys that have four championships and are battling for the right of who is better during our era. I think this season will be fun. Tim Duncan is the most fundamental and smartest players in the league. Between Tim and me it’s the first to five."


To be continued...