A Spurs Poem #1: The New Beginning

So I've gotten into the habit of making poems / raps lately and decided to make one for my dearly beloved Spurs. Its nothing fancy just an amateur piece of writing but I think I'll be making more throughout the season so stay tuned?

Almost the start of the season

here we go again

the beggining of a new quest

the hunt for 5 in '10

We were kicked out the first round

by Mark Cuban and his crew

and with an injured Ginobili

we were already doomed

So this offseason

we made many moves

& RC made it clear that

this team had something to prove

Like in draft night

we got DeJuan Blair

he was such a steal

it was almost too unfair

But we lost Bruce Bowen

a defensive legend

he will be missed dearly

we will never forget him

And the Lakers think they're cool

cause they got Ron Artest

but we will pulverize them

along with the rest

Play against the Spurs?

ya'll will be goners

with Cubits, Mason

& don't forget Matt Bonner

& Mr. TP

will use his speed

only thing he needs

is to improve how to lead

But this is the year

just gotta believe

nothing will stop us

not even Tim's Knees*



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