Bridging the Controversy

It's time to heal America . There's been talk of one group against another--what's in it for me, what's in it for you? But it's time to change. It's time for hope:

Pop, please trust a rookie.

I'd like to put on my hyperbole cape here for a second, the cape which deflects all future criticisms of my upcoming statement: Dejuan Blair may be the stolen draft pick of the 00's. I know, it's premature and immature to say such things, but poop on you.

He's had a great showing in the pre-season games, averaging double figures in rebounding and scoring. He's a human block of flesh, of an HBF. HBF's are hard to guard--big men have a tough time particularly. For one, HBF's move a bit quick with their low center of gravity. Secondly, HBF's spring up and jack bigger post players in the jaw. It's an occurrence.

Coach Pop may not play Blair very much however, because Blair is new to the game, new to San Antonio . We all know new people don't deserve anything. Look at babies--what do they even add to society?

Blair may be a big part of the future of the San Antonio Spurs organization along with George Hill and a seasoned Tony Parker, and he deserves a chance to play if he produces this season.

So in a final plea: Coach Pop, please be spontaneous/bizarro Pop. Play Blair.

(Image courtesy of ESPN/TrueHoop)

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