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Stat of the Game: Clippers @ Spurs

This is the first edition of a new idea we had. In the afternoon following a game, we would post a stat of the game. It would serve as a talking point possibly overlooked within the recaps and game thread. Please leave any suggestions or critiques in the comments. These are supposed to be short in length.

So your stat of the game is 26 assists on our 35 field goals made. Take that, rebuilding (offensive) team chemistry. Slightly more after the jump.

First two notes about the stat:

1. That is without our starting PG so way to move the ball without him.

2. Our starting PG is Tony Parker so eventhough he has improved his assist numbers, he also was one of the top players having unassisted FG's (3rd for shots in the paint).

What about our other preseason games:

Houston: 14 of 29 (48.2%) and 8 players with assists (no Duncan, Parker, Finley, Dice, or Ratliff)

Olympiakos: 24 of 34 (70.6%) and 11 players with assists (everyone played this game)

Miami: 17 of 36 (47.2%) and 9 players with assists (no Manu, Duncan, or Haislip)

LA Clippers: 26 of 35 (74.3%) and 11 players with assists (no Parker, Finley, or Bonner)...Blair, Haislip, and Ratliff failed to get an assist.

Total: 81 assists on 134 FGM (60.4%)

Last season's league average for the regular season was 1,720 assists with 3,044 FGM (56.5%). Last season the Spurs were 1,736 assists with 3,042 FGM (57.1%).

Personally, I find last night's assist number for the team very impressive. Sure we aren't running many isolation plays for Duncan and Parker wasn't there, but when we are getting 5 assists from Hairston, 2 from Williams, and 3 from Dice on top of Hill, Duncan, RJ, and Manu adding their 8 (in reduced minutes for RJ, Manu, and Duncan), our offense looks pretty good with all these new guys.