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Catch Tiago Splitter Live Today -- The International Game Thread

Mid-day yesterday, I remembered that Nando De Colo's Valencia team was playing Regal Barcelona and I went to the ACB site to get a score update. With a little help from LatinD, I found that they are streaming the games live (HEY NBA! CHECK IT OUT. THEY LET THEIR FANS WATCH THE GAMES.)

Today, Tiago's Caja Laboral team is on the tubes with a 1:00 Spurs time tip off.

Enter, and get your feed freak on.

You should be able to go to ACBTV and get the feed somewhere close to game time. I haven't sat through the waiting process yet so I'm not exactly sure how it works.

You will need to have an Adobe Flash player installed. The quality is pretty good.

Btw, Valencia got completely drubbed by Barcelona 87-62 and it wasn't that close. Mid-third it was about 60-30. JC Navarro was just killing with 24 points on 6-6 from 3-point. Nando got 16 on 6-15 shooting.