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Preseason Game Thread #4: Los Angeles Clippers @ San Antonio Spurs

Come gametime, there could be no TV broadcast, no radio feed. We might have a faulty boxscore for our sole companion. And despite all that, you should still join us - because this is Where The Magic Happens (tm).

Some pre-game shenanigans, after the jump.

So anyway, I know that BlaseE and Fred are our resident stat geeks, but I felt it was time I helped with some old school charts. Get ready for some hardcore graphing.

That's Our Team


(I'd actually be interested in seeing a real version of this one, based on parameters like Age and PER, or similar. BlaseE?)

Relative Strengths

DeJuan Blair VS Baron Davis

Chart2-blair2_medium Chart2-davis_medium

Even more videos

Some videos from today's shootaround, featuring Blair and McDyess.

Remember to read the preview if you can't watch the game. Now comment at will.