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This Week in San Antonio Spurs Basketball: Preseason and DeJuan Blair Madness


As the real season approaches, the links are increasing, and activity here in PtR, likewise, is burgeoning like Eddy Curry in regular season form. We were treated to (by my count), THREE preseason games the past week, and I know it's not enough to satisfy our basketball cravings. Still, we hope the after-the-jump links on this one will help fill that void a bit.

In the meantime, here's the Spurs' preseason schedule for this week:

Clippers @ Spurs | Wednesday, October 14 - 7:30pm Spurs time
Cavaliers @ Spurs | Friday, October 16 - 7:30pm Spurs time

The Music

Let me begin with a tribute to Mercedes Sosa. Who's that? - you ask quizically. The write-up on Mercedes below is from LatinD. Folks, I don't know her myself before this, but it's not hard to tell that she's pretty awesome. Oh, and if it matters, I think Manu mentioned her in his twitter page. That's how big this lady is in Argentina.

Mercedes Sosa was a traditional Argentine singer that passed away this week. She was a big woman, with a big heart, and she was a kind soul. She mostly sang traditional Argentine songs, and her voice seemed made especifically for that genre. She had to exile during the Dictadura, but she was able to come back while I was a one-year-old toddler, and I grew up listening to her music.

Here's Mercedes, singing "La masa", one of my favorite songs written by the great Silvio Rodriguez. Pop actually played this song to the Spurs before practice, cementing my love for the man:

In this video she's singing "Sobreviviendo" ("Surviving"), a song written by Victor Heredia, another famous Argentine singer. You should try to find the translated lyrics, because it's a beautiful song:

Finnally, "Como la cigarra", when she was young. This is how we all should remember her. By María Elena Walsh.

Bellasa also wants to share with us her favorite Mercedes Sosa song, "Gracias a la Vida". Check it out.

Another steady diet of Tim C.'s offbeat (according to him) but insanely good music picks:

Something I found from Rufus on Fire, the Bobcats SBNation blog. They put up pre-game pump-you-up music. If you're a Bobcats fan, you'll need all the help to fire you up for any game, I guess. Anyway, let Freddie Mercury handle the rest.

Okay, earlier I totally posted the wrong link that was supposed to be jollyrogerwilco's suggestion. The correct one is below. Because we can never have too many Beyonce's "Single Ladies" renditions.

And here's my pick. I like this band and how the song builds itself into a crescendo.



Everything Black, Silver And White

48 Minutes of Hell: The Evolution of Marcus Haislip
Great interview of Marcus "The International Man of Mystery" Haislip.

48 Minutes of Hell: Figuring Out the Frontcourt
"Some of the most interesting questions facing the coaching staff this season revolve around our big men."

Rec_medium48 Minutes of Hell: DeJuan Blair as the San Antonio Spurs
Tim Varner shows us the good and bad of having DeJuan Blair. Heat check, folks.

48 Minutes of Hell: Smart Basketball as Smart Basketball
"I have no doubt that Gregg Popovich exhorts all his young pivots in the virtues of getting their work done early. It's common advice."

48 Minutes of Hell: Malik Hairston Coming Into His Own
"After last night's game, I had no choice but to write about the epic debut of DeJuan Blair. That was my head. My heart wanted to write about Malik Hairston, who is a completely different player than this time a year ago."

Rec_mediumSLAM Online Top 50: Tony Parker, no. 15
"At the end of the day it is all about winning and right now there isn’t a point guard in the league with the amount of talent and rings to match Tony Parker." -- Let me again remind you that this guy got an awesome total of ONE vote in one of our fantastic polls.

Rec_mediumESPN: 2009-10 NBA Preview - San Antonio Spurs
Tim Legler previews the Spurs. Me likey. Greek center envisions future with the Spurs
Nooooo! After you big Greek screwed us over with too much hope during the summer? If you sign for the minimum then maybe we'll think about it. Courtside with the Spurs
Jeff McDonald is always up-close and personal with the Spurs. Confidence shows in Bonner's shot
"He's more relaxed every year, understanding what he can do best, obviously," Spurs coach Gregg Popovich said. "He's getting rid of it more quickly than he ever has and not worrying about making a mistake. He's playing more mature basketball." Spurs rookie impresses in preseason loss
"DeJuan Blair was a smash in his preseason debut, scoring a team-leading 16 points and grabbing 19 rebounds in 22 minutes against the Houston Rockets." Replacing Bowen's defense: A gang approach
Group effort is what we need. After all, basketball is a team sport. Popovich brings stingy back
"Back when he was in the Eastern Conference, Richard Jefferson used to look forward to a game against the Spurs the way a child looks forward to a visit to the dentist."

Rec_mediumTrueHoop: Blaming the Doctors is a Cop-Out
I'm convinced. Save for the Spurs', the other NBA teams' medical staff are all spin doctors.

WOAI.COM: Spurs DeJuan Blair impressive in opener, but has made a huge rookie mistake
DeJuan, next time don't forget those donuts.

Jack McClinton released again, this time by Timberwolves
JackMac... we could've been so much more, had you decided to go to the Toros. We wish you the best in whatever lies ahead.

Spurs Basketball: Ian Mahinmi : It's your time to show up...
Robby Lim challenges Ian Mahinmi, not to a fist fight, but to step up once and for all. I concur.

Project Spurs: The Irresistable Nature of Potential
"I convince myself that Jackie Butler's high PER is indicative of a great low post player and ignore the fact that he is unproven and horribly out of shape. I see James White jump from the free throw line, put the ball between his legs and dunk the ball and envision him stuffing alley oops from Parker. I watch Beno Udrih win a Rookie of the Month award and think he is the back up point guard of the future. Three players full of potential and three disappointments."

Project Spurs: The San Antonio Trail Blazers
A great article on the beginnings of the Spurs' foreign invasion. Now I know who that Uwe Blab guy is.

Project Spurs: Spurs 2009-2010 NBA Blog Preview
Michael A. De Leon shares his preview of the San Antonio Spurs. Projected finish? An impressive 60-22. Ramen.

Spurs Talk: Game Thoughts: Spurs vs. Olympiacos
timvp shares his thoughts and recaps the Spurs vs. Olympiacos game.

FOX Sports: Southwest preview: Spurs still jingle
I love this old man. Oh, and he cals RJ "the most complete player on the team."

The Wages of Wins Journal: The Contending Spurs Fail to Miss Blair
"Let me close by noting that if Ginobili is healthy (and the same is said about the other productive players San Antonio employs), the Spurs can contend for the Western Confernce title."



This Week In Pounding the Rock

Pounding The Rock: Preseason Game Thread #3: San Antonio Spurs @ Miami Heat
No Manu and no D-Wade means no repeat of the awesomest block ever in the whole wide world this side of the universe.

Pounding The Rock: PtR Preseason Quick Cap: San Antonio Spurs 95, Miami Heat 93
DeJuan Blair and Comeback Kid may now be used in the same sentence. Another impressive preseason performance by Blair Force One, and he got some help from the other Spurs, too.

Pounding The Rock: Who is the Spurs' Defensive Stopper?
Good question. Should we start getting hysterical and scared shit now?

Rec_mediumPounding The Rock: Preseason Game Thread/Preview #2: Olympiacos Piraeus @ San Antonio Spurs a.k.a. The Spurs Take On The Olympics
An epic thread for an epic game. Well, the latter - not really.

Pounding The Rock: PtR Preseason QuickCap: Olympiacos is Not an NBA Team
A team from Europe gets an old-fashioned Texas beatdown. And most of us were "watching" from a lame boxscore.

Rec_mediumPounding The Rock: Chasing the San Antonian Dream - Part 2
After recently getting his visa (in unsuspecting fashion), LatinD's dream continues. Help him out a bit on his trip, will ya?

Rec_mediumPounding The Rock: San Antonio Spurs Season Preview
Our fearless leader previews the Spurs for the entire blogging world to see. Does he like our chances this season? Read on, my friends.

Pounding The Rock: Open Practice and my thoughts
LakehillsFan demonstrates a keen eye for observation during the Spurs' open practice.

Pounding The Rock: Stories From Days Gone By: Vol. 1
scrappy-doo takes PtR to familiar off-topic land, and tells us the legend of his brother, and the shat and pissed on yellow Hummer. Douchebags, beware of Cameron.

Pounding The Rock: TLO's Daydream about the Teens: Dejuan Blair Edition
Another member in absentia returns, with TLO bringing DeJuan Blair along with him.

Rec_mediumPounding The Rock: As The Full Moon Rises, So Does Scrappy Doo
PtR veteran scrappy-doo announces his return in an awesome post only scrappy-doo can make. Welcome back, brotha.

Pounding The Rock: Roster Reality For The 2009-2010 Spurs: The New 4 (or 5)
The Big 3 are sooo last championship ago. Ever heard of The New 4?

Pounding The Rock: Atlantic Division Previews from across the blogosphere
SBNation bloggers unite to satisfy your NBA team preview needs. This edition covers teams from the Atlantic Division.

Pounding The Rock: Preseason Game Thread/Preview #1: Houston Rockets @ San Antonio Spurs
It was the first game of the preseason, and PtR was all abuzz with glee. Did I mention DeJuan Blair had a monstrous game? He was a beast. Also, read the quick recap here.

Rec_mediumPounding The Rock: TWSS: International Roundup
The international roundup of our globe-trotting Spurs will be delivered every week by the PtR bossman himself, Wayne Vore. If you want some other foreign players monitored, hit him up and he'll have his microscope cocked and ready.



Around SB Nation

CelticsBlog: Fat Chance?
Michael Sweetney proves that once again, you can never make too many fat jokes. I'm so cruel.

Rufus on Fire: Bobcats Beat the Hornets, 108-101
Yay, CP3's team loses. And also, check out Rufus On Fire's Gameday Pump-Up music regular posts.

Peachtree Hoops: 72 reasons to be excited about the Atlanta Hawks: #22 the Hawks blogosphere
I didn't even know there were THAT many Hawks blogs.

Fear The Sword: Big Z isn't going anywhere - Ilgauskas trade rumors make little sense
Let the chaotic wheels of The Big Shaquisition start rolling.

Blog a Bull: Bulls win thriller in London, rookies impress those with little expectations (i.e. me)
"Bulls win a thriller in London, and the rookies are showing they can possibly crack the rotation this year."

Peninsula is Mightier: Jamaal Magloire suspended for first two regular season games
I refuse to believe this guy was a one-time All-Star.

Brew Hoop: Recap: Pistons 113, Bucks 104
The Buck-to-Piston players got to meet their old team in an early preseason matchup.

Indy Cornrows: Pacers Wuz At The Great Wall
"The Indiana Pacers visited the Great Wall after arriving in China for their preseason game against the Denver Nuggets on Sunday."

Rec_mediumRaptors HQ: Let the Kids Play ...
An interesting read on the situation at a local high school girls' basketball circuit in Canada.

Third Quarter Collapse: Where Dropping The Puck Happens
D-12 knows hockey. Or knows how to drop a hockey puck.

Golden State Of Mind: Stephen "Captain Technical" Jackson- 2 technical fouls in 3 PRESEASON games?
Way to go, Captain Jack. Pop will certainly approve of this. NOT!

Posting and Toasting: "Do What Toney Douglas Do": THE SHIRT
PaT's first official shirt. Watch out for PtR's. It's gonna rock you like a hurricane.

Bullets Forever: Dallas Mavericks beat Washington Wizards in Preseason Game 2: Final wrap and the two Gilbert Arenases
As WVATS mentioned, the Wizards are in mid-season form, allowing the Mavs to score 123 points.

Straight Outta Vancouver: The Official Fantasy Basketball Manual for Great Success
"Straight Outta Vancouver is spreading its wings in order to raise Grizzlies awareness. What that means is that fantasy basketball players looking to avoid having to read the Insufferable Mr. Roto will find a weekly home here in a series I'll be calling "Faking It." - TWSS?

Rec_mediumBright Side Of The Sun: Phoenix Suns Season Preview Series, Part 4: The Competition.
The guys at BSotS preview their competition, and once again, elicit an expected reaction to the Spurs' offseason moves.

Sactown Royalty: Amick: Kings President Talked With San Jose Last Winter
Umm... San Jose Kings, anyone?

Blazersedge: Marc Spears: Miller and McMillan On Different Pages
Not everything is rosy in the Rose City this season.

Blazersedge: RAMBO!
Oden is looking much more Rambo-esque these days.

Ridiculous Upside: Training Camp Invites - New Orleans Hornets
Ridiculous Upside previews players who received training camp invites from NBA teams. I'm not sure yet if they profiled the Spurs' invitees, but when that comes out, we'll get that out for ya.

Swish Appeal: Locker Room Confidential: Game 3 Post Game Reactions (Fever)
Malcom Wells explains some lingering problems with women's sports. Maybe some of our female contingent can concur or agree to disagree?



Even More Hoops

Ball Don't Lie: Cavaliers are a confident bunch, print NBA Finals tickets
Even the Lakers won't stoop to this kind of overconfidence. Jinx jinx jinx. Sorry about that, LeBron.

Ball Don't Lie: The top 10 NBA coaches of the last decade
Pop told Kelly Dwyer to get off his lawn after making him number 1. Do you get it now, KD?

Rec_mediumBall Don't Lie: The 10 best NBA players of the last decade
Another list, another debate sparked. However, who's numero uno in this list is indisputable, at least for us Spurs fans.

ESPN: Expanded use of NBA instant-replay calls approved
"NBA referees will be able to use instant replay on shot-clock and out-of-bounds calls this season." -- also known as, no more FinDog game winners this season.

ESPN: 2009-2010 Hollinger PER Projections
So, Hollinger's stats say Andrew Bynum is going to be an All-Star this year. And again, ATS is convinced that he'll continue sticking to his sig.

Yahoo! Sports: GMs pick Lakers, LeBron to repeat in 2010
I miss those days when they usually picked the Spurs. But just keep ignoring us, foo's, it's better that way.

Yahoo! Sports: Arenas silences Agent Zero act – for now
"No more Agent Zero, no more Hibachi, no more tomfoolery. Everyone had a blast with it. For Arenas, it was the time of his life. But times change, teams evolve and eventually a franchise just needs something it can count on."

Hoopsworld: 50 Preseason Predictions
"Just like every year, Joel Brigham makes fifty predictions for the upcoming season. Some are controversial, others relatively safe, but all are worth a gander..." Greek team Olympiakos could be subject to legal maneuvers when it arrives to play Cleveland Cavaliers
These Greek owners have so much money, this wouldn't even make a dent in their checkbooks.

FOX Sports: The real centers of attention
John Galinsky gets 2 things right: 1) Tim Duncan is a power forward, and 2) he is the best PF out there.

FOX Sports: Not all NBA coaches make the grade
Charley Rosen tells it like it is: there are only 2 A-plus coaches in the league, and Mr. GOML is in that privileged list.



Completely Off-Topic

It Made My Day - Little Moments of WIN
Enough with FML and Fail blogs. It's time for some positivity 'round here.

Smiling Animals
For all the ladies and animal-lovers out there.

Rec_mediumInside the Tube: Incredible Wave Photography
You photogs out there should definitely take a look. These are amazine.



Because Internet is Multimedia

Preseason San Antonio Spurs Highlights

Go Spurs Go 2009-2010 Anthem

The Great Rip Off - or close to it.

The Gregg Popovich Preseason Post-Game Interview Collection (also, Pop in Paris is GOL-worthy)

RJ speaks:


Pics of the Week

Papering Your Wall, PtR-style

"From Under The Radar" by BlaseE

"DeJuan Blair Wallpaper." by Hipuks

janieannie's photostream (Thanks janie!)

Manu knows. Or nose.

Eating your space. Taking care of your glass.

Thanks to Youngevity, the Rat-Man gets some serious hangtime.

Again, Weirdness.

Oh no you don't, you big gorilla.

D-12: "You guys want me to show you the alley-oop?"
Hockey players: "No need big fella, the Mighty Ducks already did."

via Golden State of Mind

I Love You, Man.

"No, I love YOU. More."


Quotes of the Week

Tim Duncan on his new knee brace:

It feels pretty good... I’ve gone through four or five braces throughout the summer, trying to find the right one, the one that feels good, and that’s the one I came up with so far.

Gregg Popovich on DeJuan Blair after the preseason game vs. Miami:

He’s a real mobile, agile player, even though he’s got the girth that he has. It's a heck of a gift.

He’s a character guy. He’s a quality guy... He’s a hard worker and obviously, he has a passion for the game.


And with that. the preseason hoopla continues. Two more weeks, folks. Let's keep it rockin'. Now, I should go out and finally get that 2k10 game...