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Game Thread #35: vs Clippers

The Clips roster has just about every type of player I don't like.

  • Selfish Chucker - Baron.
  • Selfish Chucker/Stoner - Ricky Davis.
  • Selfish Chucker/Lazy - Zach Randolph.
  • All stat guy who gets more cred than he deserves - Marcus Camby.
  • Arrogant coach who hasn't done anything - Mike Dunleavy.

It's time to fight the forces of evil and save the world. Who are you kicking ass as tonight?

Game Time: 7:30 Spurs Time, 11:30 Argentina
10:30 am Perth, 2:30 am CET

TV: Not Sure
Officials: TBA

John Steed
Jason Bourne
Tim Duncan
James Bond
Austin Powers
Michael Finley
The Saint


Don Adams


Derek Flint

Harlan Drew

Thomas Crown
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13-6 Home 3-14
10-5 Road 5-12
96.9 Offense 93.7
93.5 Defense 99.9
46.6 FG% 42.3
40.7 3-pt% 31.1
75.0 FT% 75.1
40.0 Rebounds 42.4
12.2 TO's 14.7


  • Point Guard - Why Steed? If there is a Spur who will walk around in a bowler with a cane it is Tony. Hell, he'd probably do it shirtless and turn it into a photo shoot. Baron Davis is just a joke at this point and he makes me laugh.
  • Off Guard - Manu has bad ass Kung Fu. You can't kill him. Even when he's down you know he's not out. Eric Gordon is Remington Steele because he looks good until he has to step his game up a notch. Like Pierce Brosnan.
  • Center - No brainer here. The king of kings. Camby is Derek Flint, played by James Coburn, because he was pretty good in his time. In Like Flint probably has legs as a saying much like Camby's DPoY.
  • Power Forward - Have you seen Bonner's wife? Makes about as much sense as Heather Graham or Elizabeth Hurley with Austin. Or me, for that matter. Plus, he's funny. You'll have to do some IMDB to get Richard Harlan Drew. He's The Man With One Red Shoe. If anybody in the league would wear one red shoe. It's Skinner.
  • Small Forward - FinDog is The Saint. The old television show one. Not that pretty boy Val Kilmer. Al Thornton is Thomas Crown. A dime a dozen movie guy for any generation.
  • Bench - Control vs Kaos
  • Coach - You guys tell me who Pop and Dunleavy are.
  • Mojo - We've got "Bond with the ladies" mojo compared to the Clips
  • Winner - We are kicking Desh's ass in this one.

Keys To The Game

  • The Big Three - Our big three should all dominate. If they don't, this game could be tight.
  • Their Perimeter Shooting - It's terrible. Plus, they don't have an inside scoring presence with both Randolph and Kaman out.
  • TCB or TYA - An old soul song I like song by a woman. You better take care of business or turn yourself around. This is a TCB game.

Some other reading

Not an easy year to be a Clippers fan. Sign Baron, Yay! Lose Brand, Boo! Lose Magette, Boo! No wait, Yay! Trade for Camby giving up nothing, Yay! Start the season terrible with a string of home losses. Baron and Dunleavy fight. Trade for Zach Randolph. Kaman hurt. Camby hurt. Randolph hurt. Baron hurt. Ricky Davis busted for substance abuse. Check out Clips Nation for some masochistic reading.

Other things of possible interest

Let's get a girl count. Lurkers included.

Anthony Tolliver has been cut. Who will be active in his place? Ian or The JV?

Recap: LatinD is on the recap.