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Game Thread #34: at Heat

It seems my air guitar is still out of tune, but listening to one of my all-time favorite tunes made me think of Hipuks yet again.

Make a joke and I will sigh and you will laugh and I will cry
Happiness I cannot feel and love to me is so unreal

But let it be said, there is unreal bad and unreal good. Lyrics are what you make of them and are very often as much a reflection of the listener as they are of the writer. Kind of sounds like our Spurs, huh?

Game Time: 6:30 Spurs Time, 10:30 Argentina
19:30 am Perth, 1:30 am CET

Officials: Delaney

Megadeth Version

Wicked World

Tim Duncan
The Wizard
Laguna Sunrise
Michael Finley
Children Of
The Grave




Faeries Wear


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13-6 Home 12-5
9-5 Road 6-9
97.1 Offense 96.0
93.8 Defense 95.6
46.6 FG% 44.5
40.6 3-pt% 34.9
75.1 FT% 73.5
40.0 Rebounds 40.7
12.2 TO's 12.9


  • Point Guard - He's a classic who plays just on the edge of too fast and doesn't know when to stop. Just like the Megadeth cover. Chalmers is the back up point guard we didn't draft who was kicked out of the rookie transition program. Always living Tomorrow's Dream.
  • Off Guard - Dwayne Wade IS a Supernaut. He does everything for the Heat. I thought about going with Lord of This World for Manu but the live version Wicked World is just too good. It's 19 minutes long and gives you a little bit of everything that makes Sabbath great. Old blues style interludes, classic Sabbath lyrics, superfast Iommi guitar solo, sometimes out of control, but taken as a whole there is nothing quite like it.
  • Center - This whole song just screams Tim.
    Misty morning, clouds in the sky
    Without warning, the wizard walks by
    Casting his shadow, weaving his spell
    Funny clothes, tinkling bell

    Never talking
    Just keeps walking
    Spreading his magic

    Evil power disappears
    Demons worry when the wizard is near
    He turns tears into joy
    Everyones happy when the wizard walks by

    Never talking
    Just keeps walking
    Spreading his magic

    Sun is shining, clouds have gone by
    All the people give a happy sigh
    He has passed by, giving his sign
    Left all the people feeling so fine

    Never talking
    Just keeps walking
    Spreading his magic
    Beasley -- like Manu doesn't start but gets starters minutes -- is quite the Faerie. Not in the cute little magical creature with wings. But in the way the Faerie is presented in "Faeries Wear Boots". The man is just a bit off his rocker. He also got kicked out of the rookie transition program.
  • Power Forward - A conflict in styles. Laguna Sunrise doesn't fit in with most of their other songs. It's beautiful and effective none the less. N.I.B. is a song that you know is good when you hear the name. You know it is good when you hear it on the radio. But, you can't put the two together. For me, that is Haslem. Solid. Unidentifiable. Today I'm feeling all mellow.
  • Small Forward - Enough said.
  • Bench - Like comparing the albums Master of Reality with Sabotage.
  • Coach - Black Sabbath -- the song -- is a slow, plodding masterpiece. Sabbath Bloody Sabbath is a kick you in the groin and getting it done song. I ALWAYS keep my eye on the groinkicker. Under the Sun Every Day Comes and Goes.
  • Mojo - All mojo waves are against us. Miami at home. Marion injured. While I was doing this game thread, Zep -- last games musical inspiration came on and it was Down By The Seaside for playing IN Miami.
  • Winner - Am I Going Insane. We'll lose another one and do it disgustingly.

Keys To The Game

  • Rebounds - Call it a premonition, but these will be key tonight.
  • Our Perimeter Shooting - I don't think we'll bury a ridiculous number of 3's like last game, but we'll need at least 8.
  • Our New Year Attitude - Our New Year attitude didn't impress me against Philadelphia. Our guys REALLY, REALLY need to start playing something close to 48 minutes. Right now, we aren't even close.

Other things of possible interest

Recap: any volunteers?