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Game Thread #46: vs Hornets

It's a battle of the top two teams in the division and the 2nd and 3rd place teams in the West.

Matthew and I are going. I know I'm excited.

Game Time: 7:30 Spurs Time, 11:30 am Argentina
3:30 am Egypt, 2:30 am CET
10:30 am Perth, Japan, Philippines
11:30 am Guam

TV: Kens 5
Officials: Washington

Tim Duncan
Michael Finley






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17-7 Home 16-6
14-7 Road 12-9
97.2 Offense 96.1
94.1 Defense 92.6
46.3 FG% 46.0
39.3 3-pt% 39.4
76.4 FT% 81.2
40.3 Rebounds 38.4
12.0 TO's 12.7
7-3 Last 10 6-4
W 2 Streak L 1


  • Point Guard - They are both all-stars. So I'm calling it a tie. But, we all know that is bullshit. Paul is way better. I thought we might like to relive this conversation between Pop and Tony about Chris Paul

    Coach Pop: Hey Tony, thanks for coming in, sit down.
    Tony: 'Ello Pop, eez nice to see you again.
    Pop: So, Tony, I'm going to get right to it. Did you watch those DVDs of Chris Paul we sent to you?
    Tony: Of course Pop! They were unbelievable!
    Pop: Er, yes. He's pretty good. So what'd you think of them?
    Tony: You're a pretty smart guy, Pop. I definitely understand why you sent dem to me.
    Pop: Oh?
    Tony: Yes. You are trying to send me a message. You're so unbelievable, Pop.
    Pop: Well, yeah, that was the idea. I'm glad you underst-
    Tony: You vant me to be more confident and shoot more.
    Pop: Yes! Wait, what?
    Tony: O yes. I watched ze videos vehhhhry carefully Pop and I learned so much. It was unbelievable. I had no idea Chris Paul was so overrated!
    Pop: Overrated?
    Tony: Yes. I mean, I finally understand now why you tell us all ze time to eegnore ze meedia. Eeespn and all zose magazines say Chris Paul is so good and he's not zat good at all. It's unbelievable!
    Pop: Chris Paul's not good?
    Tony: He eez terrible, Pop! He can't eeven score. I watch and I count and I tink like 80% of ze time he had to give ze ball to somebody else. Ha!
    Pop: Yes, he was passing.
    Tony: Eggs Zactly!
    Pop: (Stunned silence).
    Tony: And zat's not all, Pop. Eeven when he does shoot, he eez terrible, shooting airballs all ze time. Every game I watch, he shoots like six, seven, eight airballs, but he always gets lucky zat Tyson Chandler catches dem and dunks ze ball! Always right guy at the right place, huh Pop? Like me in ze locker room ven Eva vas visiting zat day. Zat worked out good, eh, Pop? (chuckles to self).
    Pop: You think all those lobs to Chandler were shots?
    Tony: Of course, Pop. Vat else would dey bee? And every time Chandler vas dare to dunk ze ball. He eez a very smart player, I tink, Pop. Maybe we should try to get heem on our team, no?
    Pop: Tony, you don't understand, those were passes. You've never heard of an alley-oop before?
    Tony: El-lay oop? Eat sounds like zomething Eva says in ze bedroom, you know Pop? (chuckles to self).
    Pop: (Stunned silence).
    Tony: But don't worry, Pop. I got ze message, loud and clear. I vill shoot more and play wheat more confidence. I know now I'm way better zan Paul, and everyone tinks he eez so great, so zat means I must be unbelievable, no?
    Pop: Oh, you're unbelievable all right. Anyway, shit... if this conversation lasts any longer I'm going to have a brain hemorrhage. I'll tell you what, Tony. We're kind of shorthanded these days. Fin and Bruce are getting up there in age, Mason's new, and Tim is gonna get doubled like crazy. You go ahead and shoot all you want. Just remember, when Manu gets back, you'll have to pass the ball more.
    (five minutes of silence pass)
    Tony: Pass... ze... ball?
    Pop: (screaming) GET THE HELL OUT OF HERE!
  • Off Guard - I expect we'll see a lot of James Posey here on Manu. Butler is a shooter who hits 43% from long range.
  • Center - Tyson Chandler is out with an injury. He does a pretty good job on Tim. Armstrong, not so much.
  • Power Forward - West has returned from injury recently. Even hurt I think he will abuse Matty. Maybe Kurt Thomas can bang on his bad back for a while.
  • Small Forward - I took their shooter over out supposed shooter. The FinDog has been quiet lately. I think it is time for him to get his shot going.
  • Bench - They played Sean Marks 17 minuts last night. Enough said.
  • Coach - Byron Scott has these guys playing really slow, but they are hanging in at the top of the West despite injuries.
  • Mojo - We got Mojo twice on this. One, because we are still in their heads. Two, because I will be in the stands.
  • Winner - We'd better win. I can't have a negative mojo going on my attendance.

Keys To The Game

  • Limit the 3's - I don't think we can contain Chris Paul, but we can't let them drain open 3's off his penetration.
  • Slow West - I'd be happy if we held him to 20. I'm not sure who we can play on him.
  • Destroy them inside - Tim needs to go wild on the interior. The Hornets aren't a good rebounding team either and we should make them pay.

Some other reading

Some Stat Stuff

Pace:John Hollinger has this metric in his PER called pace. I don't know how he calculates it, but we are 26th and New Orleans is 29th. Portland, btw, is last. Do you think Portland is still "exciting" with all their young guys even though they are the slowest team in the league?

Defensive Efficiency:Another Hollinger metricthat I don't know how he calculates. We are 5th in this category. Much better than I would have guessed. The Hornets are 12th.

Offensive Efficiency:We are 11th and the Hornets are 7th.

I don't know what any of those mean, just thought I would share

Recap: Rick2g (I believe)