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Game Thread #44: at Jazz

Manu says we need more fight. Pop says we need more D. I think we need more of both. We got handled by the Lakers on Sunday and continue the road trip in Utah. We need to contemplate our existence a bit and decide who we are and we want to be. There's only one way to do it.

Get your mouthpiece nice and wet and blow that horn. It's time to play some jazz.

Game Time: 8:00 Spurs Time, 12:00 am Argentina
4:00 am Egypt, 3:00 am CET
11:00 am Perth and Philippines
12:00 pm Guam

TV: Fox SW
Officials: D Crawford

El Paesano
El Gimpo
Tim Duncan
El Guapo
El Gallo
Michael Finley
El Abuelo


La Estrella

El Quien

El Guajolote

El Fuerte

El Kilometre
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17-7 Home 17-5
12-7 Road 8-15
96.6 Offense 101.7
93.7 Defense 99.5
46.2 FG% 47.3
39.1 3-pt% 33.7
76.3 FT% 76.8
40.3 Rebounds 41.4
12.1 TO's 15.1
7-3 Last 10 5-5
L 1 Streak L 3


  • Point Guard - This isn't a knock on Tony. I just think Deron Williams is great. He will have to be for his team to win this game.
  • Off Guard - Let's see if we get a rebound game out of Manu after he questions his team's "fight".
  • Center - Tim will probably end up guarding the other team's power forward for a change. He should dominate in this game. Millsap shouldn't be able to score on him.
  • Power Forward - Okur and Bonner are a pair of 3-pt specialists. Let's see how they like guarding each other.
  • Small Forward - I dont' expect either team to get much out of this position. Let's call it a battle of defensive specialists.
  • Bench - Our bench is much deeper than theirs because of injuries to Kirilenko and Boozer.
  • Coach - Sloan is a great, great coach. I recently read in a Charley Rosen article that Sloan has never won coach of the year. Pffftttt!! They may as well throw that award away.
  • Mojo - It is very difficult to win in the Delta Center. Injuries or not.
  • Winner - Another squeaker. We win squeakers.

Keys To The Game

  • Tony & Deron - Tony needs to come close to playing Williams to a draw.
  • Manu needs to be a bad ass - Not a sorry sack of turnovers.
  • Energy - We'll need to match the Jazz energy. They are a physical team and if aren't in the frame of mind to stand up to it we will get routed.

Some other reading

  • SLC Dunk has interesting article about which players would you cut if the roster limits went down.

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