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Game Thread #39: at Bulls

Last night we were bad. How bad? Really bad. No, worse than that. We were Superbad.

Game Time: 7:30 Spurs Time, 11:30 Argentina
10:30 am Perth, 2:30 am CET
3:30 am Egypt

TV: Kens5 in SA
Officials: Foster

Tim Duncan
Officer Michaels
Michael Finley
Homeless Guy






Officer Slater
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15-7 Home 13-7
10-6 Road 5-15
97.3 Offense 99.5
94.4 Defense 102.5
46.8 FG% 44.3
40.4 3-pt% 38.1
75.9 FT% 79.7
39.7 Rebounds 41.7
12.2 TO's 15.0
7-3 Last 10 5-5
L 1 Streak W 2


  • Point Guard - I gotta go with Mclovin in this matchup. While Becca brought all the right attitudes and skills to the table, she wasn't quite in control of her "game" if you know what I mean. McLovin, while being insecure, always pushed things to the brink of out of control but somehow pulled it off. Like watching TP 1 on 4 fast break.
  • Off Guard - Seth is a STAR who brings it on every front. He doesn't care what people think about him. He's going to do his thing and to hell with the rest of you. Including me. Nicola is a one-trick pony who does that one trick really well. Just don't ask her to bring anything else to the relationship.
  • Center - Evan gives a tour de force as the consistent calm in the storm. I can so see Tim singing "These Eyes". Joakim is EXACTLY the kind of guy, if he were a girl, that would grind up on you at a party to start a fight, then call the cops, and tell you to hide your gun.
  • Power Forward - Officer Michaels is completely lacking in cop skills but has a badge. Matt Bonner is completely lacking in basketball skils but has a shot. Mark is a NOT IN MY HOUSE kind of guy, unless you are one of his peeps. Tyrus has been playing well lately, so I read, and he brings a little bit of that attitude.
  • Small Forward - The Homeless Guy is an irritant. He is around when you don't want him around and he does more harm than good. Officer Slater is just a little too competent to be harmless and because of the uniform it makes him very dangerous. Plus, he could totally kick the homeless guys ass.
  • Bench - This isn't a bashing on our bench pick. The Bulls bench with Gooden, Hinrich, Nocioni, and Sefolosha bring a little of everything off the bench. Scoring, defense, rebounding, etc.
  • Coach - This is a bashing pick. C'mon Pop. I think your easy going thing has gone a little too far into the season.
  • Mojo - While dodging vomit is to be commended, that wasn't the real goal in the first place.
  • Winner - Samesies

Keys To The Game

  • The Big Suck - Sometimes they are the Big 3. Sometimes tehy are the Big Suck. Last night, I think Tim was solid, Tony was very average to below average, Manu sucked. Will two of them play very well? Please. NOTE: I'm not Manu bashing. He was bad last night. Maybe tonight will be Tony's turn to suck. I hope not. These guys need to start playing consistently well. All THREE of them.
  • Their Athleticism - They, like the Sixers, have some athletes and that could be a problem for us. Just like in the Sixers game.
  • SEGABABA - Nobody logged a lot of minutes last night, so this isn't a brutal segababa for us, but we are old.

Some other reading

The SBNation Blog A Bull Yeah, I took Del Negro over Pop. I don't think Mr. Blogabull would.

Then Vinny got to coaching, which isn't his strongest suit.

Other things of possible interest

Some music links from last night's thread Madgrugada's Majesty. Surfergirl calls it "THE BEST love-making music of all time" I call the guys voice "digital sex".
Patty Griffin's Change.
Patty Griffin's Goodbye. You have to click play on Goodbye for this one.
Pete Yorn's I Feel Good Again. A cover of a Junior Kimbrough song.

Movie Rec: If you haven't seen Bubba Ho-Tep, you really, really need to see it. Here is my synopsis:

It stars Bruce Campbell and Ossie Davis as two guys in an East Texas retirement home. Campbell’s character is an Elvis impersonator who thinks he is Elvis now and Davis’ character is a black man who thinks he is JFK and they are fighting off an Egyptian mummy wearing chaps and cowboy boots.

The Spurs signed Austin Croshere yesterday. He played 7 minutes and grabbed 6 rebounds for us last night.

Recap: LatinD is on the recap.

Heads Up: Monday's game against Charlotte is a 1:00 pm Spurs Time start.