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Holy crap that was fun!

I hope every NBA fan who has ever thought the Spurs were boring had a chance to watch that game. It was a beautiful thing to watch. Of course, the Spurs still want to be boring, they just can't play defense any more.

I have no plans of doing the game justice, so here are just some random thoughts.

Kobe Bryant is not sane. That man's desire to win is frightening. If I were the Lakers I would put both Derek Fisher and Trevor Ariza in the witness protection program for the next couple days... give the Mamba some time to cool off.

That whole "I have big balls" jaunt at the end of the game... not a big fan. Don't dance around the issue. Just grab your balls, you know? It's like saying "freaking." You don't mean "freaking" and everybody knows it. Do you think Jeff Van Gundy knows what that little dance means? Yeah, me neither.

Speaking of Kobe, he did a great job defending Manu down the stretch. Manu still made some plays, but when Manu is manuing like he was manuing tonight, it takes quite the concerted effort to demanufy him.

Before every PtRer hangs TP in effigy for that 24 second clock violation, it's not like anybody else was open.

Kudos to Pop for leaving Finley where he belongs and having Mason in the game at the end.

Kudos to Derek Fisher for the bad foul. I always have a spark of hatred for that man.

That play where Manu goes behind the back and cans the 40 footer before the 4th quarter? That needs to go on his permanent highlight reel. Quintessential manuever. OMG GET IT!!!/!?!/?!?!?!!111!