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Apparently, any Fox programming other than "American Idol" is too complicated for me.

Okay, first the ugly business. Here's your Spurs-Magic recap. And yes, it involves some grouchiness towards a certain Frenchman, so be warned.

Also, there's this:

Lie to Me - Promo (via FoxBroadcasting)

It's a promo for this show on Fox I'm thinking of checking out, called "Lie To Me." It looks pretty interesting, and I like the main actor, Tim Roth. There is something about the premise that confuses me though, and I feel like sharing. As far as I can gather, the guy is supposed to be an expert at telling whether people are telling the truth or lying based on his ability to spot their involuntary facial tics, expressions, mannerisms, etc.

Now, if movements are involuntary, then how can actors in a fictional TV show do them? I mean, after all, if an actor on the show is guilty of killing his wife on the script, and he says, "I didn't kill my wife," well then he's lying on TV, but he's telling the truth in real life.

Conversely, if he is telling the truth on TV, admitting, "It was me, I did it," then he'd be lying in real life, right?

So how are they going to get these actors to make these involuntary facial tics when they're supposed to or not supposed to? How can you control something like that? I thought the whole point is that you can't. Any help?

Also, why the hell didn't they use the Depeche Mode song in their promo? Oh, maybe that's why. God, Depeche Mode might be the most effeminate band ever. I've seen them in concert and it was exactly like this clip. I swear their male fans are more attractive than their female ones.

P.S. Also, now that I'm back, I plan on being on the same schedule as last year. I'll do game recaps for the odd numbered games (like the Lakers game coming up) and post on Spursdynasty with a link like I had for this post for the even numbered games. I hope this doesn't step on anyone's toes too badly, and obviously it's not personal to anyone who feels slighted or inconvenienced, but to use the modern athlete's favorite cliche, "It is what it is."

By all means, rip me to a fare thee well if you like; I deserve it. I guess I should've given advance notice.

P.P.S. I've gotten wind that ATS is apparently an unabashed Manubasher. How Matthew has let this go on for months I cannot fathom, but I certainly will put a stop to it, even if I have to challenge him to an honor du-el