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Just Say No to Jannero

(Thanks to PtR member znimrod for the heads up on this.)

That is unequivocally the lamest title I've ever blogged.

I do not want Jannero Pargo on the Spurs. Why, you ask? Because he sucks. The less sucky players, the better. That's what I think. Call me crazy.

Why does he suck? He averages less assists per 48 minutes than Tony Parker. He's a career 39.5% shooter from the field. He's a career 36.5% shooter from 3. You know how many players shot better than 36.5% from 3 last year?

65. They're not hard to find.

His TS% last year was 46.8%. That is absolutely pathetic. You know who posted better numbers last year?

Jacque Vaughn.

No, I'm not making that up.

Jannero Pargo is going to get paid millions a year for multiple years. You can shake a NBDL team a couple Jannero Pargos will fall out. He's a replacement level talent, and the fact the Spurs are even thinking about him makes me sad and frustrated.