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We All Missed God's Birthday?

No one had anything to say? Nobody? Shame on all of us.

Anyway, I know CarinaGino20 posted about the Argentina Iran game, so I found the youtube highlights of it, including the two sick Manu dunks. He very much looks like he's got his hops and quicks back.

Argentina vs Iran (via chacobasket)

That's the good news. The bad news is they beat frickin' Iran by a whopping 10 points and got their asses kicked before that by Lithuania. They look pretty awful right now and even making the knockout stages (basically finishing in the top four out of a group of six including them, Iran, Lithuania, Russia, Croatia and Australia) might be a challenge. They'll beat Iran for sure, and probably the Kangaroos, but the three eastern Euro squads will all be tough.

Their first game will be at 4:45 eastern on August 9th, so I think that means it's the morning after opening ceremonies, right?