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Like a Fund Drive, Except Without the Free Coffee Mugs

Below there is a short new post about the Sonics move. (I am going to keep this bumped to the top for a while.)

Michael made a simple request before I left for Italy. "Bring me the slightly-soiled undergarments of a Roman gypsy-woman." Unfortunately the gypsies are quite stingy when it comes to their unmentionables. I tried to bribe them. I tried to charm them with my Italian, but "I would like four tickets for the train to Assisi" did little to make them swoon.

So, I figure, in lieu of sweaty undergarments, he would accept cash.

He deserves more than I can afford and more than the 100% of the revenue this site generated (which is actually down from last year due to Google changing the value of links from sites which sell text ads). So I am asking you to donate money; not to this site, to him. Stampler. You know, the guy who writes here occasionally... the guy who once referred to his scrotum as a "dried husk."

You simply can't get that anywhere else.

Why am I asking? Well, he wants me to. But more importantly, because he's a really good writer; to the point he's worth paying for. 98% of bloggers out there aren't worth a single dime. Erler is one of the 2%, and in my opinion he's at the top of it. Hopefully whatever money we give him will convince to come back next year. Heck, maybe he'll even put up a game summary with 48 hours of the end of the game!

In order to encourage your donations, I will be matching each dollar up to the first $350. The easiest way for me to accept money is through PayPal. My PayPal email address is tramplemarksAThotmailDOTcom. (Please don't send blog related email to that address.) If you would prefer to send a check then email me through my profile and I'll send you my address. You can give anonymously. You can post a comment here saying how much you gave. You cannot give at all. It's up to you.

Every couple days I will update everyone on the fund drive total. In a month or so I'll tally everything up and mail stampizzle a check. He'll then write a post when he gets it, assuring you all I am not stealing from the poor bastard.

Don't fret, this will never be a pay site. Nor will I ever make a habit of asking for donations. This is a once a year thing, tops.

Now fork it over, or I will do everything in my power to ensure Robert Horry's roster spot on the 08-09 Spurs. Don't think I won't.